Improve Your Player’s Agility by Using Dodging Drills!

Two different and effective dodges are covered in this segment by former collegiate player and current high school coach, Jason Breyo. These drills are great for developing the stick work and cradling needed for long poles. Practice maintaining possession of the ball while executing the dodges and improving your player’s agility.  Dodging Drills Drill Essentials  Goalies can […]

Develop Your Team’s Offense with a Popular Shooting Exercise!

Mark Petrone was part of the coaching staff that led The Haverford School to a 2011 LaxPower High School Boys Lacrosse National Championship title. Coach Petrone develops his players’ shooting and the team’s offense. Using this drill will reinforce correct player and ball movement.   Fade Shooting Drill Setup There are two separate lines of players, each twenty […]