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Train Smarter with Tempo and Gear Changing Workouts!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Peter Rea, Elite Athlete Coach and Coordinator at the ZAP Fitness Team USA Training Center, has athletes execute two 400s at 10k effort to warm them up for further distance training. The gear changing and tempo work within this workout will prepare runners to perform at peak potential.

2×400 (Economy Stimulus)

Drill Summary: Before a workout, coaches mark off a 400 meter course for athletes to run. Athletes run the course at a 10k tempo and don’t worry about timing it. Between the 400s, athletes are given a short rest. Work on changing gears at different points of the run to prepare the body for e tempo-based workout.


This video came from Championship Productions’ video “Zap Fitness: Proven Training Methods for Distance Running Success.” View other world class Track & Field videos!

Ward Off Defenders’ Hands from the Bottom Position!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Brandon High School head coach, Russ Cozart, teaches his athletes the “Crazy Hands” drill to train them to defend against an opponent trying to lock their hands from behind. By keeping their arms tight to their bodies and feeling where the opponent’s hands are, wrestlers can avoid being wrapped up.

Crazy Hands

Drill Summary: Wrestlers partner up and one wrestler stands directly behind the other. The wrestler from behind applies pressure and tries to lock their hands around the wrestler in the front. The wrestler in front tries to prevent their partner from locking their hands. When the person behind reaches over top, the person in front should reach up and get their elbows out. When the person behind reaches under, the wrestler should keep their elbows in. When the person goes low, the wrestler in front should get their thumbs to their thighs and have their hands ready to grab. After 10 seconds of hand fighting, the wrestler in front cuts out and partners swap positions.

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “Hand Fighting from the Bottom Position.” View other world class Wrestling videos!

Work on Body Position for Your Freestyle!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Arthur Albiero, University of Louisville head coach, presents two body position drills that will help you establish and maintain a tight body line for your freestyle stroke. With an improved body position, you will be able to minimize drag, increase speed and become more efficient.

Body Kick & Side Kick

Drill Summary: For the “Body Kick,” swimmers keep their hands at their sides and kick forward, doing their best to take quick, sneaky breaths. Focus on maintaining a good body line and keeping your back high up. For the “Side Kick,” swimmers lean to one side with their underside hand extended out in front. The body should be in a line from the fingertips to the toes, and swimmers can use their arm to maintain their balance on both sides.

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “Championship Stroke Breakdown Series: Freestyle Breakdown.” View other world class Swimming & Diving videos!


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