“Special Teams” Situations: Key Tips and Plays for Free Throws and Baseline Inbounding

By taking advantage of baseline inbound plays and missed free throws, basketball teams at every level can creatively attack the basket and pick up extra points. Follow along as Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo reveals some of his key strategies for free throw situations and under-the-basket inbounds plays, including three different looks using the same […]

Playbook Series: 4 Must-Add Sideline Inbounds Plays That Get Results

In this week’s Playbook Series, pick up a pair of sideline inbounds plays that are must-haves for crucial situations, dead-ball restarts, or any end-of-quarter scenarios. For each play, first follow the step-by-step breakdown before seeing the action simulated live on the hardwood. Got any other sideline inbound plays that have been effective for your team? […]