Work on Horizontal Jump Landings and Jump Mechanics!

USC assistant coach Michael Pullins uses the “Standing Landing Drill with a Hurdle” for two main reasons. First, coaches can observe the athlete’s jumping form; second, the athlete can practice landings on horizontal jumps. This is one of many drills that USC runners turned Olympians keep in their training routines after college. Standing Landing Drill with a […]

Phenomenal Horizontal Jump Drills to Increase Your Distance!

2011 Assistant Coach of the Year by the United States Track Coaches Association,  Jim Vanhootegem, walks you through unique multi jump drills that are great for both jumpers and sprinters. As a member of NCAA Championship Coaching staffs,Coach Vanhootegem,  helps you develop coordination, elastic strength, posture, and ground force production as well as plyometric development. In the baby […]