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Fight Through Contact to Scoop Up Ground Balls!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In this variable drill from Lehigh University assistant coach Chad Surman, players will work on absorbing contact as they pick up ground balls and increasing their foot speed. It’s important for long stick midfielders to learn to be tough in competition. Rule the midfield, rule the game!

Smash Pad and Foot Ladder Power GBs

Drill Summary: Set up with players in a single file line facing a coach standing about 10 yards away. Have one player/coach/manager standing in front of the players with a smasher pad. On the whistle, the player at the front of the line is rolled a ground ball from the coach. The player must scoop up the ground ball while absorbing a hit from the smasher pad and then flip the ball back to the coach. Continue the drill for each player in line. For the foot ladder drill, remove the smasher pad and place a foot ladder between the coach and line. After gathering the ground ball, players advance up the ladder getting one foot in each square and keeping the stick low.

Keys to the Drill:

1) Be strong through the motion.
2) Run through the ball.
3) Keep the stick low to avoid defenders.
4) Quick feet.

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “Individual Skill Development for Long Stick Midfielders.” View other world class Lacrosse videos!

Excellent Groundball Drills to Improve Conditioning!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beth Larkin, 2010 New Jersey Coach of the Year, provides you with some stickwork training with the CrosseTrainer. The CrosseTrainer is a color-coded, removable wrap that fastens to the shaft of your stick to reinforce correct hand positioning for beginning players. This a great exercise for youth and high school level athletes to improve on their groundball skills and their fitness level.

Groundball Drills

Overview: These drills are both basically “shuttle runs” featuring lacrosse skills. In the first segment, each player has two balls set up ten yards apart. For the second segment, players are ten yards away from the ball and receive groundballs rolled to them.

Player Movements:  The player will scoop the first ball as they run toward the second ball. When they reach the second ball, the player will drop the first one and scoop the second.

Drill Essentials: Run full speed toward the rolling and stationary groundball.

Drill Tips: Run through and around the ball you are about to pick up.

Check out an additional clip from Championship Productions’ DVD “CrosseTrainer: Building Proper Stick Skills with Color (Girls).”  If you’re interested in more skill development videos, click here.


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