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8 New Basketball DVDs/ Downloads Now Available!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, May 17, 2013

We have recently released 8 new Basketball DVDs/Digital Downloads! Learn from great coaches such as Chris Mack, Don Showalter, Greg KampeTerry Layton, and Robert Senderoff! Save big on our basketball instruction when you buy 3 Basketball DVDs for $99.99!

Chris Mack: Winning with a Structured Fast Break

  • Attack your opponent’s defense when it’s most vulnerable – in transition
  • Take pressure off of your half-court offense and get a few cheap baskets every night out
  • Give your players confidence and an attacking mentality when walking into an opposing gym
  • Adapt your transition offense to your own personnel

Don Showalter: Practice Drills to Build a Defensive Mindset

  • Build your full-court defense with a series of pressure breakdown drills that will make each player on your team a better defender
  • Learn full- and half-court drills that you can use to build a stingy defense
  • See detailed defensive breakdowns that will teach your players proper positioning, awareness, and alertness
  • Get program building advice that will help you avoid the top 10 mistakes high school coaches make

Greg Kampe: Closeout Drills for Controlling the Ball

  • Guard the ball more effectively and keep the ball in front of your defenders
  • Use purposeful warm-up drills to build closeout skills
  • Maximize the efficiency of your practices by using drills that teach more than one concept at a time
  • Incorporate defending ball screens into your closeout work

Fred Hoiberg: Transition Basketball with Six Secondary Break Sets

  • Learn a good transition game that provides multiple ways to score before the defense gets set
  • Take advantage of “big on small” dribble hand-offs to create defensive mismatches
  • Implement screens in your transition offense
  • Create more open looks for the 3-point shot in transition to negate the defense’s size advantage
  • Learn six secondary sets with multiple options to fit your personnel to give your offense better opportunities to score

Warm-Up and Shooting Drills from Around the World

  • Get 15 shooting drills used by teams all over the world that will add a new twist to your practice library
  • Make your practices more efficient with a progressive warm-up that also develops basketball skills
  • Learn half court shooting drills that will maximize your gym time and space and condition your players

Explosion and Full Court Drills from Around the World

  • Learn drills that develop explosive movement with and without the ball
  • Teach your players to play at multiple speeds on the court
  • Discover seven full court drills and their variations that you can use to teach any skill and to turn essential skills into habits

Building a Ball Screen Offense

  • A simple and easy to install ball screen offensive system that is perfect for teams with multiple ball handlers
  • Learn counter options that will leave your opponents stunned as your players blow by their defensive alignments
  • Learn how to use this offense to take advantage of the strengths of your players

Skill Development for Post Players

  • Improve your players aggressiveness on the boards and develop moves to finish around the rim
  • Learn a progressive workout routine to teach your players a go-to move and a counter
  • Build basic post player movements and advance your players’ back-to-the-basket skills with Rob Senderoff’s Chair Drill Series

Chris Mack: Winning with a Structured Fast BreakDon Showalter: Practice Drills to Build a Defensive MindsetGreg Kampe: Closeout Drills for Controlling the BallFred Hoiberg: Transition Basketball with Six Secondary Break Sets

Explosion and Full Court Drills from Around the WorldWarm-Up and Shooting Drills from Around the WorldBuilding a Ball Screen OffenseSkill Development for Post Players


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