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Team Defense: Go-To Techniques to Address Matchup Concerns

By adam.warner - Last updated: Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Have trouble stopping standout players on opposing teams? In the latest team concepts feature, learn effective ways to address match-up concerns in a game. Stevens head men’s lacrosse coach Gene Peluso walks you through his team’s go-to play to shut down the opposition’s best weapon. Improve your defense this year by incorporating these exclusive tips with your own squad. 

Overview: Consider this play whenever you encounter major match-up problems in a game. “Black” means that we will lock a specific player or players. This is when we must take them totally out of the play. In these cases, the defender locking the player has no sliding assignments while the black call is in effect.

If the blacking player takes us to the crease, we must make sure we are playing a sliding defense that does not incorporate the crease. In other words, look to play team defense that doesn’t require a crease slide. Communication is key here as there must be a call in place to make sure we are not sliding from the crease.

Goal: In blacking situations, the goal is to make it very difficult for this player to get the ball. Make sure that you are prepared to communicate through things if he moves us to the crease or gets the ball.

As for the defender locked on the black offensive player, it’s his job and only job to make sure his opponent doesn’t get the ball. The rest play 5-on-5. However, this defender is released of any team defense responsibilities. If he is taken to the crease, we need to slide from a different spot. Therefore, we have to realize that he is not part of the package and we must react defensively.


Bonus: The Tech Drill

Coach Peluso uses this drill frequently in practices and pre-game to work on game-like unsettled situations and match-up issues. To get started, have your offensive players lined up at the midfield line. Meanwhile, get the defense lined up on the sideline. Next, a coach will roll a ball out and call out a number for the offense such as “four.” This means that four players will go in on offense. The defense will always send one less defender so the scenario plays out 4-vs-3.

Tips: Look to play to a shot or to a clear. Incorporate your transition offense and defense. Add a wrinkle by switching the offense to the sideline and defense to the midline. You can also add different scenarios to mix things up, like where the offense has one less player than the defense. Play to points to make it competitive. Coach Peluso’s players really get pumped for this drill. Add this one to your practice plan if you’re looking for an effective team favorite.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Drills and Techniques to Develop Up-Tempo Defense” with Gene Peluso. Check out our entire catalog of defensive lacrosse videos by clicking here

Riding Schemes: Essential Rules and Roles for the 10-Man Zone Ride

By adam.warner - Last updated: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Force your opponent into turnovers and low percentage passes through the 10-Man Zone Ride. Stevens head coach Gene Peluso walks you through each step of his go-to riding system and breaks down complete player roles and responsibilities. Then catch his squad in action as players demonstrate the zone ride in a full-field setting.

10-Man Zone Ride Overview

According to Coach Peluso, coaches aren’t spending nearly enough time on the riding game at all levels. If you spend time enforcing it with your team, it can pay major dividends. As for this system, it’s an all or nothing, no hesitation ride utilized 75 percent of the time by Stevens. A key point to remember is that there will be times when your squad lets up transition goals, but 7 out of 10 times they should be looking to get the ball on the ground and create some offense.

Attackman Rules

1) The attack is in a triangle and a rotation call

2) It’s important that the backside attack covers the middle of the field in front of the face-off area to give added support

3) Ride towards the outside of the field (get a trap or double to produce a turnover)

4) No takeaway checks; Ride hip to hip and set up the ball carrier for the trap or double

5) Do your job and contain the clearing person in your area

6) If there are two players in your area, go to the one closest to the ball.

All players go hard to the ball when it is thrown in your area. They have no responsibility behind them. They maintain their position in the zone even if there’s a player in his zone (meaning they do not begin to cover the man in their zone until the ball is thrown).


Midfield Riding Rules

1) Wing middies have responsibility to go after anyone in front of them when the ball is thrown.

2) Wing middies cover the wing area from the sideline to the face-off X area.

3) The center middie (LSM) covers the area from the middle up to the sidelines. This player is very aggressive. It’s important they play their angles right. Try to funnel the ball carrier into a trap. Pin players to the sidelines and not the middle of the field.

All players go hard to the ball when it is thrown in your area. They have no responsibility behind them. They maintain their position in the zone even if there is a player in his zone (meaning they do not begin to cover the man in their zone until the ball is thrown).


Defensive and Goalie Riding Rules

1) Wing defenders have similar responsibilities as the wing middies.

2) Cover any throw in their areas from the sideline to the center of the field between their defensive restraining line and the midfield line.

3) The goalie and down defender will split the three attackmen leaving the attacker furthest from the ball. The goalie should stay close to the cage.

All players go hard to the ball when it is thrown in your area. They have no responsibility behind them. They maintain their position in the zone even if there is a player in his zone (meaning they do not begin to cover the man in their zone until the ball is thrown).

Notes: Don’t let players get nervous and bail out of this. Don’t encourage this. Many turnovers can still occur in defensive side of the field.

General Riding Rules

1) This is an all or nothing ride

2) There should be no hesitation

3) Go full speed and attack the ball when it is thrown in front of you in your area

Notes: The hope is that so much pressure is created that the opponent can’t get the ball near our defensive restraining line. If they do, it is a scramble situation. It may happen 2 out of 10 times, but the 8 times it does not, we may create unsettled opportunities for our offense.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “High Energy, High Success Rides” with Gene Peluso. To check out more special teams videos in our lacrosse library, click here

2 Highly-Effective Game Speed Drills for Productive Lacrosse Practices

By adam.warner - Last updated: Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In this week’s skill development feature, we reveal a pair of game speed drills that replicate game situations and are ideal for efficient and production practices. Watch as Stevens head coach Gene Peluso and assistant coach Matt Madalon break down each drill using whiteboard diagrams before heading out to the field for live simulations.

4 Cone, 3 Man Drill

Overview: This first drill is a high energy anticipation ball movement drill used during offensive position work. The drill teaches players how to transfer the ball effectively, focus on ball protection, put the ball into the right spots, and moving the ball efficiently and effectively within offensive sets.

Rules: Break up the team into groups of three players. Each group should have four cones and 3-5 balls. Cones are set up in a box (10 to 12 yards apart). The drill runs in intervals of 30-45 seconds at full speed. The players must remain outside the cones at all times.

The Action: You’ll have players at three of the four cones. At the whistle, the first player with the ball passes to his adjacent teammate (up top left). As soon as he transfers the ball, he will get right to the open cone. The player now with the ball turns to the outside and then passes it to the next adjacent player (or top right). As this next player receives the ball (with his right hand), that previous player will sprint to the open cone. And hopefully, we get a continuous flow out of this drill. Get crisp passes and work hard before a 15 second break. The timing of cuts and receiving/passing the ball is crucial here.

Coaches can really tweak this drill. For instance, you can focus on strong or weak hands, rolling to the outside, same-hand transfers, and much more. Also, be sure that players are working on giving good targets, talking, and moving, timing cuts efficiently, and not standing around.


On the Field

As you can see, the drill starts slow but eventually builds up and ends up going quite fast. Players, make quick turns when you turn to the outside. Also, remember that communication is key to this drill and get constant movement. You shouldn’t ever be standing around. Explode to that open space.

In case of loose balls, be sure to reload with extra balls nearby. This drill really transfer over to 6-on-6 offensive sets as the players can get comfortable in this format getting the ball in and out of their sticks and playing together.


Six Line Shooting Drill

This is a terrific drill to get the entire team a ton of touches. Set up four lines of midfielders (1 through 4) in front of the cage and two lines of attackmen behind. Midfielders 1 and 2 are up near the restraining box. Meanwhile, 3 and 4 are about 10 yards up and close to the alley lines on the sides of the field. The attackers are close to the endline but a few yards away.

After the ball gets up the field and to the attackers, they will immediately scissor/crisscross behind and then look for the middies, who are looking to receive the ball and get a quick release on an 8-10 yard shot. After the attackers make that pass, they’re going to finish their cut up field, and A1 will receive a pass from M3 and A2 will receive a pass from M4. After a shot or pass, A1 and A2 switch sides and M1 and M2 switch sides and go to the cage. We are looking for quick releases and accuracy with each shot.


On the Field

Run this drill for 10-15 minutes and your players will get 30-40 shots each. It’s great for stick handling, ball movement, and finishing in tight. It can also act as conditioning drill if you split up your team and run this at opposite ends of the field.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Game Speed Drills for Creating Game Like Practices.” To check out similar drills, head over to our video library

New Lacrosse DVDs featuring Gene Peluso!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, January 5, 2012

We have just released three Lacrosse DVDs featuring Gene Peluso.  He has over 150 career wins as a coach for Stevens Institute of Technology.  The titles of the new Lacrosse DVDs are:

Game Speed Drills for Creating Game Like Practices

  • Organize efficient, exciting and productive practices
  • Discover unique drills that combine conditioning and skill development
  • Learn shooting drills that replicate game opportunities
  • Get tips to improve your team’s decision making during rides and clears
  • Team transition for both offense and defense fundamentals
  • High Energy, High Success Rides

  • Force your opponent into low percentage passes and turnovers
  • Get three proven riding schemes
  • Learn essential practice drills to teach successful riding techniques
  • See techniques for improving both individual and team riding and clearing skills
  • Coaching tips for getting the most out of your riding practice time
  • Drills and Techniques to Develop Up-Tempo Defense

  • Dictate to the offense how you want the game to be played
  • Run these competitive drills to ensure intensity throughout your training sessions
  • Generate transition scoring opportunities for your team
  • Purchase the three DVDs as a set and save $15:

    Gene Peluso 3-Pack



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