Use the Breakout Drill to Improve Your Freestyle!

14x NCAA All-American with University of Arizona, Coley Stickels, teaches the Breakout Drill to ensure extension and streamline during freestyle. Learn key concepts to train the non-pulling arm to stay “velcroed” to the head to improve your freestyle. Breakout Drill In this drill, the swimmer pushes off the wall in a streamline position and takes 3 dolphin kicks. […]

Work on Your Approach and Turns for the Freestyle!

In this segment, legendary swimming coach Richard Quick provides you with a drill that helps swimmers practice their approach into the actual turn/somersault, and practice multiple tight spin turns throughout the entire 25. Freestyle Approach & Turn You will see a demonstration of a 3-hand hit freestyle swim followed by a somersault and continuing right back into 3 more […]