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New 4-3 Defense Instruction Featuring the Michigan State Coaching Staff!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We have recently released two football DVDs featuring the Michigan State coaching staff.  Michigan State has built a dominating defense and is currently ranked #2 nationally in Team Defense.  These two new 4-3 Defense DVDs are titled:

Stopping the Pass with the 4-3 Over / Cover 4 Defense

  • Incorporate an aggressive Cover 4 into your 4-3 Defense
  • Force bubble releases by receivers
  • Force throws to secondary receivers
  • Slow down receiver routes

 Stopping the Run with 4-3 Over / Cover 4 Defense

  • Run a simple base defense that allows your players to play fast and physical
  • Make easy adjustments to defend any offensive formation
  • Play aggressive defense while maintaining gap integrity

Are you interested in more 4-3 Defense DVDs?  Check out the following from the Wisconsin coaching staff:

Aggressive 4-3 Defense: Setting Up the System
Aggressive 4-3 Defense: Stuffing the Run
Aggressive 4-3 Defense: Shutting Down the Passing Game

New on DVD: Wisconsin’s Aggressive 4-3 Defense

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Thursday, July 14, 2011

New football DVDs featuring Chris Ash (University of Wisconsin Defensive Coordinator; 2010 Big Ten Co-Champions). Chris Ash’s philosophy behind the 4-3 Defense can be summed up in one word–Aggressive. In these DVD presentations you will receive an overview of the 4-3 defense as well as tips to stuff the run and deny the passing game. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from one of the top young defensive coaches in the game.

Aggressive 4-3 Defense: Setting Up the System

  • Give your defense an attitude of being ready to play anywhere, anytime
  • Learn alignments, gap responsibilities, run fits, and man and zone coverages for this relentless defense
  • See drills that emphasize critical concepts and techniques used in the 4-3
  • Bonus PDF includes sample call sheet and detailed terminology and descriptions

Aggressive 4-3 Defense: Stuffing the Run

  • Force your opponent’s offense to become one dimensional
  • Get detailed explanations of two types of eight-man fronts
  • See scrimmage footage that shows the defense in action
  • Bonus PDF includes detailed player responsibilities and diagrams

Aggressive 4-3 Defense: Shutting Down the Passing Game

  • Pick up the key concepts and coverages you need to shut down the passing
  • Get detailed explanations of Cover 2 and Cover 3 coverages
  • See game and scrimmage footage that shows the defense in action
  • Bonus PDF includes detailed player responsibilities and diagrams from the video

Purchase the Aggressive 4-3 Defense 3-Pack and save $15!

New Football DVDs: The Gun Rocket Offense

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New football DVDs featuring Blair Hubbard, Faith Christian High School Co-Head Coach; 3x State Champions (2004, 2006, 2009); Six Consecutive League Championships (2005-2010)!

Learn the Gun Rocket Offense Series, a simple yet comprehensive offensive system that attacks the entire field and forces defenses to thin themselves out horizontally!

Faster than the Fly: Coaching the Gun Rocket Offense

  • Hit the perimeter of the defense faster than ever
  • Put stress on the defense to cover the point of attack without weakening in other areas
  • Get a formation system that has over 5,000 different looks
  • See no-huddle basics, benefits, and communication ideas

Faster Than the Fly: Off-Tackle Complements in the Gun Rocket Offense

  • Learn to attack even and odd fronts
  • Learn to incorporate the Speed Option and how this can become an off-tackle play
  • Get adjustments to take advantage of a running QB or “Wild Cat” athlete

Faster Than the Fly: Inside Complements and Counters in the Gun Rocket Offense

  • Use misdirection to attack aggressive defenses
  • Learn three main plays for inside counters to the Gun Rocket
  • Get inside adjustments to take advantage of a running QB or “Wild Cat” athlete

Faster Than the Fly: Passing Game in the Gun Rocket Offense

  • Take advantage of the over-rotating defenses through the air
  • Incorporates play action and quick passing games
  • Limit the number of hits on your quarterback

Read what is being said about the Gun Rocket Offense:

“Coach Hubbard’s Rocket Sweep Series is quite versatile and capable of attacking a defense at all angles and gaps. It is also designed in such a way that tendencies are difficult to come by. A defense will be tempted to put eight or even nine in the box, but if you do, the play-action passing capability of this series can break your back. It is simply a well thought out offensive attack that uses all of the skill positions to exploit the defensive weaknesses.”

Get Coached – 5 DVD Set with Bowden, Ryan, Ditka, Payton, & Singletary!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Monday, June 20, 2011

Mike Ditka, Rex Ryan, Sean Payton, Mike Singletary, and legendary college coach Bobby Bowden have translated the secrets of their success on the field into an arsenal of insight and strategies for success in the real world. Business professionals, athletes, students, parents … anyone looking for the ultimate competitive edge and a winning mindset to tackle everyday challenges will find bursts of wisdom and inspiration.

Get Coached: The Complete Series V. 1

  • Get Coached by Mike Ditka – Total Commitment
  • Get Coached by Bobby Bowden – God, Family and Football
  • Get Coached by Mike Singletary – A Vision of Faith
  • Get Coached by Sean Payton – Aim High
  • Get Coached by Rex Ryan – Give It All You Got


New Football DVDs: The Flexbone Option Offense

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Football DVDs featuring Todd Hafner (William Penn University Head Coach; 2010 Midwest League Champions; 2x Midwest League Coach of the Year (2010, ’08)) and Aaron Hafner (William Penn University Co-Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach; 2008 Midwest League Assistant Coach of the Year)!

Flexbone Option Run Game

  • Learn five key run plays to attack every gap in the defense
  • Make your best athletes a threat on every play
  • Great offense for teams with smaller offensive linemen
  • Cuts down the number of blitzes a defense can throw at you

Flexbone Option Passing Game

  • Learn how to take advantage of an aggressive defense that is focused on stopping the run
  • A simple passing system that allows you to focus more time on the run game
  • Reward your receivers for their hard work in the run game

Purchase the Felxbone Option Offense 2-Pack and Save $10!


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