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New Ed Thomas DVD & Book!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, November 14, 2011

We have recently released an Ed Thomas Football DVDFootball Book.  Ed Thomas was the 2006 NFL High School Coach of the Year and icon in the Parkersburg, Iowa community.  These two new items are titled:

The Sacred Acre

On a Sunday in May 2008, an F-5 tornado struck the town of Parkersburg, Iowa, killing eight people and destroying 250 homes and businesses within 34 seconds. The next day, Parkersburg’s beloved football coach, Ed Thomas, made a stunning prediction: “God willing, we will play our first home game here on this field this season.” One hundred days later, the home team scored a victory on the field they dubbed “The Sacred Acre,” serving as a galvanizing point for the town to band together and rebuild. But just as Parkersburg was recovering, another devastating tragedy struck. While working with a group of football and volleyball players early one morning, one of Ed’s former students walked in and gunned him down point blank. Ed Thomas was 58. The murder of this hometown hero spread across national news headlines. Ed’s community and family reeled from shock. Yet the story doesn’t end here. What happened next proves that even a double tragedy is no match for faith, love and the power of forgiveness.

Becoming a Champion Offensive Lineman 

  • Become a offensive lineman by using these power run game fundamentals
  • Shorten your learning curve with a detailed step-by-step drill progression
  • Improve form and technique by watching on-field demonstrations

Purchase the Book and the DVD together to save $17:

Ed Thomas DVD and Book Combo Pack

New Techniques & Drills for Championship Football Featuring Michigan State!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We have recently released eight new Football DVDs featuring the Michigan State coaching staff and players.  They will give you the tips, techniques, and drills to create a championship football team.  This new eight disc Football DVD set contains the following titles:

Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Quarterbacks 

  • Learn crucial areas of focus that will educate, improve and expand the play of quarterbacks at all levels, including mental makeup, proper grip and mechanics, decision making and preparation
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy by developing footwork, pocket presence and overall mechanics until they’re second nature
  • Learn ways to implement these methods into all aspects of preparation and play

Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Running Backs 

  • Learn how to create hard-nosed running backs that are physical and give great effort
  • Develop great feet in a running back through a series of drills that challenge and train the back to use moves that will help him evade defenders
  • Cut down on turnovers by establishing ball security

Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Defensive Linemen 

  • Train your D-line to stop the run or the pass
  • Consistently defeat blocks, make tackles and rush the passer
  • Penetrate the line of scrimmage using effective key reads, alignment techniques and footwork

Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Linebackers 

  • Learn key reads and run fits, a block defeat progression, blitz technique, tackling and much more
  • Includes 20 linebacker drills to teach hard-hitting concepts
  • Teach your linebackers to play fast and smart

Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Defensive Backs 

  • Increase reaction time and foot speed
  • Make more open field tackles
  • Develop great deep ball judgment
  • Defeat blocks and get to the ball

Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Wide Receivers 

  • Includes catching, blocking and route running to develop athletes mentally and physically
  • Master six ways for receivers to assess defensive backs and react to their technique
  • Includes drills for running the hardest routes to master
  • Make your receivers a force in the run game

Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Tight Ends 

  • Add a flexible weapon to your offense with a skilled tight end
  • Control the C-gap and win the edge with solid run blocking skills
  • Create mismatches in the secondary with smaller defenders
  • Confuse opposing defenses with tight end alignment and motion

Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Offensive Linemen 

  • Establish easy-to-understand coaching cue words to create championship-caliber offensive linemen
  • Perfect departure angles to ensure you’re linemen are in prime position to make a solid block
  • Change the attitude and confidence of your offensive line
  • Understand how different blocking schemes eventually turn into a drive block and how this concept creates simplicity for your linemen

Purchase the following DVD packages from this set and save:

Spartan Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Defensive Players (5 DVDs, save $25)
Spartan Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Offensive Players (3 DVDs, save $15)
Techniques & Drills for Championship Football (8 DVDs, save $65)

New Football DVDs Featuring the Central Florida Coaching Staff!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, September 16, 2011

Here are two recently released Football DVDs featuring the Central Florida coaching staff.  UCF was the 2010 Conference USA Champions.  These two new Football DVDs are titled:

Principles of the Zone Read Option Offense 

  • One of the most complete looks at the 2- and 3-man Zone Read Option
  • Learn how to easily pick the read key
  • See how to run the zone read from the Gun, Spread and Pistol formations

The Wild Knight Wildcat Offense 

  • Confuse defenses by using unbalanced formations
  • Get your best blockers in a position to attack the defense
  • Gain an advantage with one extra blocker at the point of attack

Purchase the two DVDs together and save $10:

UCF Option Offense 2-Pack

New Football DVD on Shield Punting!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, April 5, 2010

We have recently released a new football DVD with Paul Lounsberry titled, Shield Punting: Better Protection, Better Coverage, Better Results.  Shield punting has proven to create better protection and coverage against punt returns, neutralize the best of your opponents’ return games, and includes fakes and a punt/ run option with a rugby-style kick.

New Pop Warner Football DVD!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, March 1, 2010

We have recently released a new football DVD titled Pop Warner Presents: Practice Organization and Drills for Football.  This football DVD contains basic outlines for an offensive and defensive practice along with position specific drills to build fundamentals.  Review this DVD today to implement an efficient football practice!


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