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Receive Breaststroke Instruction from Josh Davis!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Tuesday, December 1, 2015

United States Olympic gold medalist and American record breaker, Josh Davis, gives you three breaststroke drills designed to develop faster swimmers. You will work on keeping your head up, shooting through the air, strengthening your arms and improving your timing in Davis’ drills.

Breaststroke Drills

Drill Summary: There are three different drills in this clip.

  1. Head Up Breaststroke – Swim using short, fast strokes and focus on keeping your head up in the water. Don’t let your chin touch the surface!
  2. Freaky Dolphin Drill – Instead of executing a regular dolphin drill, scoop and shoot forward in the water on every stroke. Really focus on diving forward!
  3. 2 Kicks 1 Pull – For every pull, you get two kicks. Focus on holding the streamline position and gliding near the surface of the water after every 2nd kick.

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “Josh Davis on Everything Swimming: All 4 Strokes, Starts and Turns.” Browse through other Swimming & Diving videos online at!

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Discover Escape Drills from a Former NCAA Champion!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Sunday, November 1, 2015

Kevin Dresser, head coach at Virginia Tech University and two time All-American at the University of Iowa, shows you three drills that help wrestlers train to get off the mat quickly. Athletes will learn the proper positioning and how to escape with explosion and quickness.

Escape Drills

Drill Summary: There are three different escape drills in this video.

The first drill is the “Position Drill.” The Position Drill is a solo drill that has wrestlers work on getting their leg up off the mat quickly with explosiveness. Get in a simulated bottom position, then lift one leg up onto the mat with good posture. Work both legs through multiple reps.

The second drill is the “Head Gear Drill.” In it, the wrestler gets into a simulated bottom position and the coach places head gear on the wrestler’s upper back. Next, the coach stands 5 feet behind the wrestler and blows the whistle. On the whistle, the wrestler gets one foot onto the mat and tries to throw the head gear all the way to the coach using only their back.

The third and final drill is the “Chair Drill.” Start in a pinch next to the wall. On the coach’s whistle, the wrestler gets to the wall in a chair position with their elbows in. Make sure to get to the wall from both directions.

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “Explosive Escapes.” View other world class Wrestling videos!

Perfect the Timing of the Breaststroke!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Sunday, November 1, 2015

One of the most important aspects of the breaststroke is timing. Ian Pope, Melbourne Vicentre Swimming Club head coach and Australian National Team coach, runs through a few of his favorite drills that focus on getting the arms, body and legs in sync while executing the breaststroke.

Breaststroke Timing

Drill Summary: Swimmers push off the wall and work on using a butterfly kick with sculling arms. Every time the hands sweep in, swimmers should take a breath. The hips should follow the rhythm of the body and the kick should be timed so that it whips the body forward in the water.

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “Ian Pope’s Swimming Down Under: Breaststroke.” View other world class Swimming & Diving videos!


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