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Coach Thom’s Top 10 Dribble Drive Motion Offense Videos of All Time

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This list has been compiled by Championship Productions Basketball Coaching Education Director, Thom McDonald!

1. Maximizing the Post in the Dribble Drive Offense | Greg Kampe

Thom Says: This video by Coach Kampe demonstrates that your team doesn’t always need four high-caliber perimeter players to operate the Dribble Drive Offense. Coach Kampe breaks down the process into steps so that you can implement this system at any level. While many times the Dribble Drive offense stresses the importance of the perimeter players while leaving out the post players, Coach Kampe will demonstrate how to create easy scoring opportunities for your post players using this system. Coach Kampe is one of the best teachers on this topic and this video makes learning and implementing this offense easy at all levels

2. Installing the Dribble Drive Motion Offense | Andrew Grantz

Thom Says: Coach Grantz and Coach Cunningham do a tremendous job in this video in detailing how to implement the Dribble Drive Motion Offense to your team quickly and effectively. They use build-up drills to show players how the offense is supposed to look and feel. The drills ran by Coach Cunningham and Coach Grantz simulate game actions and give your limited practice time the most value possible. This is a player-friendly offense that will keep your opponents on their heels.

3. 100 Drills and Sets for Implementing the Dribble Drive Offense | Vance Walberg

Thom Says: The grandfather of the Dribble Drive Offense, Vance Walberg, demonstrates over 100 team and individual drills needed to implement the Dribble Drive. Coach Walberg breaks it down position-by-position and details what each player on the court needs to do to run the system correctly. He then brings the entire team together to demonstrate the formations and action of the Dribble Drive Offense. This video pairs well with Coach Walberg’s “Mastering the Drive Drive Attack Offense” to add to your collection.

4. Developing the Dribble Drive Skill Set |  John Calipari

Thom Says: Coach Calipari learned from the creator of the Dribble Drive Offense, Vance Walberg, and has since become an expert in the offensive system. Coach Calipari brought the Dribble Drive Offense to the major college level when he implemented it during his time at the University of Memphis. In this video, Calipari teaches post players how to react to the defense to get open for scoring opportunities and how perimeter players can be the most effective in the movement of the ball. Coach Calipari has developed 22 skills needing to be mastered by all players on the court in order to run this style of offense. These skills are detailed, yet can be mastered by any player at any level.

5. Breakdown Drills for the Dribble Drive Motion Offense | John Calipari

Thom Says: Coach Calipari is known for bringing the Dribble Drive Offense into the major college game. With this set of competitive breakdown drills, Coach Calipari utilizes sprint drills, passing drills, and hard-line drives to the rim. These drills are meant to test the effort and focus of your players. Coach Calipari adds in unique factors such as peer pressure, time restraints, and other specific conditions to get players ready for anything they may encounter in game. These drills will have your team ready for any defense your opponent will play against you.

6. Mastering the Dribble Drive Attack Offense | Vance Walberg

Thom Says: Coach Walberg teaches you how to perfect this system of offense. This video will show you how to fine-tune your offense to become extremely difficult for your opponent to defend. Coach Walberg goes through his “Daily 45” series of drills that take one minute per drill and take up the first 45 minutes of practice. He then goes through his famous “Blood Drills” that focus on all the basics needed to be successful.

7. Advanced Dribble Drive Offense: Zone & Transition Game | Vance Walberg

Thom Says: Coach Walberg turns it up a notch with the video. If you want to add to the capability of the Dribble Drive Offense, this video is a must. Walberg starts out with some of the basics, but then will show you how to attack the defense and create opportunities in transition while still operating out of a Dribble Drive Offense. With six hours of video, Walberg covers everything you need to know about advancing your team’s Dribble Drive Offense to the next level.

8. The Encyclopedia of the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense | Fran Fraschilla

Thom Says: This video by former coach and current ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla will go over everything you could possibly want to know about this system of offense. Fraschilla will start out with the basics and how you can implement this offense with your team. He then will go over more advanced and related systems such as the Memphis Attack, International Dribble Penetration, Pick & Roll Attack, and Dribble Penetration versus a Zone Defense. Coach Fraschilla diagrams everything in detail on a whiteboard and covers everything from A-Z in this video.

9. Attacking the Rim with the Dribble Drive Motion Offense | Matt Bollant

Thom Says: Coach Bollant does an amazing job by showing you how to implement the Dribble Drive Offense step-by-step. Bollant covers all the basics and explains why he personally puts an emphasis on a high octane offense that attacks the basket. The video covers how to initiate the offense and shows you drills on how to finish plays as well. This is a good video for anyone trying to learn the finer details of the Dribble Drive and because of this, Coach Bollant makes this system of offense implementable at any level of play.

10. The Ball Screen Dribble Drive Offense | David Clarke

Thom Says: Coach Clarke shows you how to take your Dribble Drive Offense to the next level by adding in ball screens. This is a system that is easy to learn, yet very hard to defend and will create countless open scoring opportunities for all five players on the court. Clarke ensures that all of his players know the responsibility of each position on the floor. This allows for players to switch on the fly, adding a degree of difficulty to your opponent trying to stop you. Coach Clarke shows how to open up the middle of the floor by putting a post player on the perimeter and a guard inside. This video is a must if you want to take your team’s difficulty to defend up a notch.

Honorable Mention: Dribble-Drive Offense for High School Basketball | Jerry Petitgoue

Honorable Mention: Spread Dribble-Drive Motion Offense | Keno Davis

Honorable Mention: Dribble Drive Drills and Offensive Sets | Greg Kampe

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