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Improve Communication and Movement with this Three Team Drill

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Member of the US Women’s Lacrosse National team coaching staff, Amy Bokker, has her players demonstrate a 3v3v3 Draw Drill. This is a great drill for lacrosse players of all levels to develop their offensive and defensive skills. Your offense will improve on maintaining possession while the defense will learn to work together to close down space.

3v3v3 Draw Drill

Player Movements: Begin the drill with 3 teams (Pinnie Dark/Light/No Pinnie or 3 different colors if you have that option). Dark and Light will begin by taking the draw with No Pinnie close by in the circle (each team will rotate to take the draw control). Each team will have 2 teammates outside the draw circle ready to get the draw and maintain possession for either 5 passes or 1 minute within the parameters. The two teams that do not get draw possession will work together and immediately double the ball.

Drill Essentials: The attack focus on the drill is to keep your feet moving to maintain position and moving to space. While the defensive focus is to double team the ball as well as her teammates, and maintain good communication to quickly identify where to double team.

Drill Tips: Although this drill has a collegiate focus with only 2 teammates on the draw circle this makes for a great progression opportunity for youth/high school level athletes. After each team gets 3 to 5 draw control attempts you can progress to a 4v4v4 and 5v5v5 environment.

Check out an additional clip from the Championship Productions’ DVD “Take Charge” Defensive Drills.” If you’re interested in more Women’s Lacrosse videos, click here.

Limit Your Opponent’s Scoring with Zone Pressure Defense

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In 2012, Dennis Short helped his team at Rollins College become the #2 Scoring Offense and #4 Scoring Defense in the country. Coach Short’s 4v3 Drill on zone pressure is a great small sided defensive drill that can be used to progress to other various zone pressure drills. Watching this video clip will give you an understanding of how to improve triangle defensive slides and communication.

4v3 Drill – Zone Pressure Defense

Player Movements: This drill begins with 4 attackers set up in a box around the 8 meter mark and 3 defenders, the defense is matched up against the ball at the top and on the 2 low attackers who are behind.

Drill Essentials: The attacking aspect of the drill is learning to play poised against high pressure defense. As for the defense, the focus is on forcing the ball to your help from the start, playing aggressive defense to take away the passing lane, and being aware that the goalie can serve as a 4th defender.

Drill Tips: Coach Short’s tip for this drill is to use names!!! And be directive. Zone defensive play requires a high amount of directive communication to be successful.

Check out an additional clip from the Championship Productions’ DVD “Installing a High Pressure Defense.” If you’re interested in more Team Defense videos, click here.

4 New Soccer DVDs featuring a 2012 NCAA Runner-up!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ohio Northern University Head Men’s Coach and 2012 NSCAA Great Lakes Regional Coach of the Year, Brett Ridenour, provides you with hours of video on a variety of topics to help your soccer program get better! Individually and as a team you will see how to improve transition play, finishing in the final third, increasing fitness level, and putting all these skills together. See what these new 4 Soccer videos can do for you and your team.

Building to Win: Attacking Out of the Back

Building to Win: Attacking Out of the Back

  • Improve your team’s ability to transition from winning the ball to creating an attack
  • Enhance your defensive players’ passing and ball control skills when under pressure
  • Learn how to avoid extra touches that can lead to turnovers in the central defensive half of the field
  • Discover how to consistently move the ball into the final third of the field



Creating to Win: Attacking in the Final Third

Creating to Win: Attacking in the Final Third

  • Develop stronger play in the attacking half of the field
  • Create more scoring opportunities for your target players and wear down your opponent’s defense
  • Reduce turnovers by improving your players’ first touch and improving your team’s ability to possess the ball when under pressure



Connecting to Win: Putting It All Together

Connecting to Win: Putting It All Together

  • Develop skills for every position as your players work together to build up attacks in a game-like setting
  • Create a competitive environment to challenge players and build confidence
  • Learn how to work as a team to possess the ball and win more games



Working to Win: Fitness with the Ball

Working to Win: Fitness with the Ball

  • Learn how to improve the fitness level of your players
  • See how conditioning with a ball makes training realistic and fun
  • Discover how to maintain good touch late in the game when players are fatigued
  • Learn how increasing your team’s speed and agility will enable your players to get by defenders and make it difficult for defenders to recover





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