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Improve Your Players’ 1-on-1 Skills!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Tuesday, March 8, 2016

University of Colorado head women’s coach, Ann Elliott, realizes the importance of having players who can defend well in one on one situations. In this drill, your athletes will be forced to use great body positioning and field awareness to keep offensive players from scoring easily around the net.

Simple 1 on 1 Drill

Drill Summary: Begin with a goalie in the net, an offensive player guarded by a defensive player just behind the net, another offensive player waiting out top and a coach with a pile of balls. To start, the coach throws a ball to the offensive player behind the net and the defensive player works to force the offense out. After the offensive player shoots, another ball is thrown to the offensive player out top and the defensive player must close out and force them down the wing.

Finally, after that offensive player shoots, a ground ball is rolled onto the field and the defensive player must scoop it up to complete the drill. The defense gets points for stops. Body positioning is paramount for success on defense in one on one situations!

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “Drill Progressions for Developing Team Defense.” Browse other world class Lacrosse videos at!

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Coach Thom’s Top 10 Defensive Videos of All Time

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Top 10 Defensive Videos of All Time


The 2-3 Zone taught by Coach Boeheim is probably one of the most dominating defensive systems in college basketball history. In this day of basketball with all the pick & rolls and ball screening, the defense shown in this video would be a great way to not have to deal with any of those situations. A lot of opposing coaches will have a tough time identifying what kind of zone defense you’re in and what they should do to attack it. If you want to get something even more in-depth from Coach Boeheim, look at his All-Access video. It gives you every single breakdown drill that you’d ever want or need to use this defense.



This video has some of greatest drills for defense and rebounding ever made. If you want to change how your team mentally approaches defense and rebounding, this is the video to get. If you want your team to be mentally and physically tough, and to take away your opponent’s gameplan, you’ll love what Coach Izzo has to share. If you want to change your career as a coach and as a team, you need this video.



If you want your individual players and team better physically and mentally on defense, Coach K demonstrates all of the agility and conditioning drills their players utilize to be dominant both individually and as a team. The drills that Coach K demonstrates will instill the discipline and mental toughness to make that critical stop when you need it the most. Coach K focuses on keeping these drills competitive and enthusiastic, which in turn gets athletes to concentrate and build team camaraderie. This video will help you learn how to accentuate those difficult drills to simulate and rehearse what will happen on the defensive end of the court. All these drills can be used throughout the season to maintain proper defensive stance and intensity. This outstanding video is a must for any age and competitive level of play.



If you want to learn the Pack-Line defense from the inventor and godfather, this is a must. Coach Bennett has won at every stop that he has ever had. If you want to put your team in a position to win, this is definitely the system that is a great equalizer of talent. If you want to see what Coach Tony Bennett at Virginia is doing now, you may want to look at this video done by Matt Woodley, who was an assistant for Tony Bennett at Washington State.



If you want to learn the disruptive 2-2-1 defense, this video is a great addition to your basketball library. This isn’t just a containment press, this is an aggressive “get after you, try to turn the ball over, take away what the opponent wants to do” system. It’s also a great way to change the pace of the game in your favor. This system will get your team more possessions and put your opponent into a fatigue mode, pushing them to where they may have not been before.



If you want to put your opponents in a difficult situation mentally and physically, this is the defensive system you want to use. Your opponents will never know where you’re coming from and what defense you’re in. Disguising your defense and varying your approach and strategy is what makes this defensive set up unique. Three additional videos that would be great to compliment this video are:
1. The Havoc Strength and Conditioning Program by Daniel Roose, who accompanied Coach Smart’s move to Texas.
2. “All-Access Basketball Practice with Shaka Smart.” You’ll get to see everything Coach Smart does offensively and defensively.
3. “Shaka Smart’s 2013 Basketball Coaches Clinic.” Want to attend a coaches clinic with Coach Smart? This is an opportunity to see everything they do in a clinic setting.



The Match-Up Press. If you want to confuse your opponent, never let them feel comfortable, and put them in a position they’ve never been before mentally and physically, this video would be a fantastic for you. You will see Coach Donovan’s enthusiasm along with the way he communicates with his players and how he gets them to play at their peak defensive efficiency. This is a great way to change the pace of the game. You can run it sporadically if you’d like, or after every made basket.



If you want to learn the defensive system that dominated college basketball and led to the last perfect season, this is it. This video will also show you how and when to switch on defense and how to take away the “knowns” from your opponents. This style of defense is easy to put in and hard to score against. It is all about playing hard, smart, and disciplined. This video will also help your team become closer and learn how to communicate in transition to be the best defensive team they can be. It also has a bonus feature of 88 minutes from Coach Knight’s Indiana days on the court with his players.



If you want to learn the revolutionary 1-3-1 zone defense that is utilized by John Beilein at Michigan, this video pulls back the curtain and shows you how to run it. The 1-3-1 will help restict your opponent from passing and force the offense to put the ball on the floor. It will create confusion and anxiety in your opponent and will definitely change the tempo of the game and cause turnovers for your team to capitalize on the offensive end. The 1-3-1 zone defense is a great base defense or can be implemented to change the momentum of the game.



This defensive video is probably the most aggressive 2-2-1 video you can find. Coach Walberg will demonstrate for you every facet of the 2-2-1: breakdown drills, counters, reads, variations, and different pick-up points on the press. Coach Walberg is one of the most thorough educators in the game of basketball. This is one of the most unique defensive systems that you could utilize for your team in basketball today. If you want to put your team into a position to win, this would be a great purchase.


Honorable Mention


This 3-2 match-up zone can confuse the best of coaches. It’s unique in where you put your players, positioning, slides, the points of emphasis, and the point of control for your players. Coach Davis also talks about rebounding responsibility in the zone. Your opponent playing against this defense will find it hard to execute their offense and will become frustrated, causing them to take the first opportunity to get a shot off that they can. You will definitely be able to contest the 3-point line and keep the ball off the baseline for any overload opportunities for your opponent. If you would like something else dealing with the 3-2 Match-Up Zone, the video that Keno Davis did while he was at Drake, The 3-2 Extended Match-Up Zone, would be a great supplement for this topic.



These eight defensive drills have been the building blocks to an 88% winning percentage, 940+ wins, 27 straight NCAA appearances, and 10 National Championships. These eight drills will help create an atmosphere of dominance and a swarming half-court defense. Coach Auriemma demonstrates these drills in a competitive and fundamental environment. He stresses the importance of close-outs, block outs, ball pressure, and utilizes various 4-on-4, 6-on-4, and 8-on-5 shell drills. You will also gain the understanding of some of their full and half-court defensive principles.  If you want to build your program on a sound, dominant defensive system, this is the video for you. This would be a great video for a coach of any gender or level of play.



This is the first video I ever purchased as a basketball coach. It changed my career. It demonstrated to me exactly how you would want your team to play mentally, physically, and intellectually. This video was revolutionary in its time. Coach Bennett diagrams everything out that you would need. Game analysis, on-court drills and clear explanations of expectations and positioning. Few coaches have been able to get their teams to play the kind of defense that the Bennett family has been able to orchestrate. Coach Bennett’s teams have confused, fatigued, and dominated his opponents everywhere he has been. This video is a must for your basketball library.



Coach Larranaga has been a master of confusing and dominating his opponents on the defensive end. This video will help you disrupt your opponent in all facets of their offensive gameplan. Your opponents will not be able to run their offense, execute their plays, or feel comfortable at all on the offensive end. Coach Larranaga demonstrates how all of his drills are part of his defensive system. This 3-2 zone is a combination of two that he calls the camouflage that forces offenses to react to the defense. Once the offense becomes comfortable or identifies what defense you’re in, Coach Larranaga will then switch it up to confuse the offense again. Coach Larranaga demonstrates the drills that you will need to master to play this system along with how to convert from a full-court setting to a half-court defense. Each pass, trap, and deflection along with the responsibilities of the players is thoroughly demonstrated analyzed in this video.


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