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Defend and Score Off Your Opponent’s Leg Attacks!

By dustin.moscoso - Last updated: Monday, December 1, 2014

Alex Clemsen, University of Missouri Head Assistant Coach, starts by explaining that the stance is the first line of defense. He explains the importance of the lead foot forward, and having the lead leg forward you only have to worry about the opponent attacking one leg.


Drill Summary: Coach Clemsen explains the body positions in the split stance. The head is in front of the shoulder, shoulder in front of the knee, and the knee in front of the toe. He also explains the movement in a stance. He states that your body should stay in alignment along with your feet in correct position, moving forward, backward, and side-to-side.

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “Leg Attack Defense.” View other world class Wrestling videos!

Improve Your Offense and Defense with the “10 Yard Fight” Drill!

By dustin.moscoso - Last updated: Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Archbishop (MD) Spalding Head Boys Lacrosse Coach, Kenneth “Bear” Davis, shows you a drill called 10 Yard Fight. This drill begins to set the foundation for youth players to play solid defense using their feet and body position, while giving the offensive player an opportunity to practice using several different dodges.

10 Yard Fight

Drill Summary: This is a quick drill to set up using cones that are set 10 yards apart from each other into a square. The older your players are, you can widen or lengthen the distance between the cones. The object of the drill is for the offensive player to begin at one end of the box with a ball in his stick and to successfully get to the other side without being pushed out of bounds or dropping the ball. The drill can be done in a progressive manner where the defender may not have a stick, and work up to using a stick. You can make this drill competitive with one player having to do five push-ups if they are pushed out, or something similar. Coach Davis feels that this drill can be used from kindergarteners all the way up to college.

Teaching Points: Coach Davis uses several different catch phrases to engrain certain points to the defensive players. Some examples are “keep your nose behind your toes”, “hands on hips” and “keep your feet moving.”

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “Go-To Practice Drills for Youth Lacrosse.” View other world class Lacrosse videos!


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