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New All Access Basketball DVDs Now Available!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, December 10, 2012

Get an inside look at two high quality basketball programs with Dave Rose and Keno Davis.  Dave Rose is the BYU Head Coach and a 3x MWC Conference Coach of the year.  Keno Davis is Central Michigan Head Coach and the 2008 AP National Coach of Year.  These All Access Basketball DVDs will teach you skills and drills that you can incorporate into your practices:

All Access BYU Basketball Practice with Dave Rose

  • Incorporate positive plays into your film session to help build player confidence and team chemistry
  • Discover a variety of transition drills that will help you teach your players how to play at a fast, but smart pace
  • Implement a “Monster” Action post trap that will prevent bigger teams from scoring at will on you in the post
  • Get game situation drills that will make your players think on the court and improve their decision making skills

All Access Basketball Practice with Keno Davis

  • Get 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 half court “cutters” offense and full court offensive sets that combine the flex and triangle offenses
  • Learn fast break philosophy, principles, and drills that you can implement right into your system
  • See how you can use stats in practice to emphasize playing time and player development
  • Watch an extensive coaching clinic that explains every aspect of their defensive, offensive, and fast break philosophy

Purchase three or more All Access Basketball DVDs for $99.99! Enter promo code AA99BB at checkout!

More new All Access Basketball DVDs include:

All Access Florida Basketball Practice with Billy Donovan
All Access Basketball Practice with Geno Auriemma (2011-2012)
All Access NC State Basketball Practice with Mark Gottfried
All Access Rutgers Basketball Practice with Mike Rice
All Access Basketball Practice with Herb Magee
All Access Kentucky Basketball Practice: The National Championship Season 2011-12
All Access Wichita State Basketball Practice with Gregg Marshall
All Access Iowa State Basketball Practice with Fred Hoiberg

New Basketball DVDs Featuring Robert Schlosser, Jaime Dixon, Dave Rose, Steve Fisher, Jeff Price, and John Miller

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Here, we have six new Basketball DVDs featuring Robert Schlosser, Jaime Dixon, Dave Rose, Steve Fisher, Jeff Price, and John Miller.  All of whom are high quality head coaches for their respective schools.  These six new Basketball DVDs are titled:

Comprehensive Guide to the Flex Offense 

  • In-depth demonstration to teach and perfect the Flex Offense and keep defenses guessing
  • Get eight breakdown drills and eight entries for the Flex Offense
  • Discover how to run the Flex Offense out of transition

Jamie Dixon: Team Defense Philosophy & Drills 

  • Learn how to defend every offensive action your opponent throws at you
  • Create turnovers with intense ball-pressure and help in the gaps
  • Learn five effective ways to guard a ball screen

Dave Rose: The BYU Transition Offense 

  • Learn to control the pace of the game by getting your team out in transition
  • Gain insight to teaching shooting while working with fast paced full court drills
  • Instill confidence in your players with an up-tempo style of play

Steve Fisher: San Diego State Offense and Drills 

  • Learn the Shuffle and Scissors Series of the San Diego State Offense
  • Teach your players how to run the break in transition for easy baskets
  • Over 20 options out of the offense including many quick hitters and counters

Comprehensive Guide to Transition Offense 

  • A comprehensive guide to a high powered transition offense
  • Get tons of options and counters to keep defenses guessing and put points on the board
  • Use this system to transition into any half court offense

Workout Drills for Creating the Complete Youth Basketball Player 

  • Learn over 30 drills that will improve your basketball fundamentals
  • Develop your weak hand for devastating crossover moves
  • Improve your shooting by improving your form


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