Use the Breakout Drill to Improve Your Freestyle!

14x NCAA All-American with University of Arizona, Coley Stickels, teaches the Breakout Drill to ensure extension and streamline during freestyle. Learn key concepts to train the non-pulling arm to stay “velcroed” to the head to improve your freestyle. Breakout Drill In this drill, the swimmer pushes off the wall in a streamline position and takes 3 dolphin kicks. […]

Strengthen Your Swimmers with a Stretch Cord Exercise!

Highly successful swimming coach, Coley Stickels, teaches you an excellent drill for strengthening the core muscles that generate the twisting power that will allow you to use the entire body’s muscle strength into the motion of the pull. Right to Left Pull Drill with Stretch Cords Watch and learn more from this Championship Productions’ DVD “Mega Drills for […]