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4 New Basketball Videos to Help Your Youth Program!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, December 5, 2013

This winter help your youth basketball team get better with the Coaching Middle School Basketball: Systems 4-Pack. Below you can learn about each DVD, and if you purchase all four of these at once, you will save $20!

Coaching Middle School Basketball: The Box Offense

Coaching Middle School Basketball: The Box Offense

  • Discover an easy-to-run offense that creates scoring opportunities for every player on the court

  • Learn 10 set plays that will force opponents off balance

  • Learn breakdown drills that build up the offense by teaching cutting, screening, and how to read the defense



Coaching Middle School Basketball: The Wheel Offense

Coaching Middle School Basketball: The Wheel Offense

  • Learn an easy-to-teach offensive system that puts perimeter players in position to attack zone defenses

  • Discover the skills players need for running the Wheel Offense

  • Get breakdown drills for teaching the Wheel

  • Learn three quick-hitting scoring opportunities to counter a zone defense


Coaching Middle School Basketball: 3-2 Match-Up Zone

Coaching Middle School Basketball: 3-2 Match-Up Zone

  • Prevent dribble penetration with this match-up zone that covers all areas of the perimeter

  • Learn how to tweak the match-up zone in order to guard out-of-bounds-under plays

  • Learn five breakdown drills that will teach the various actions for specific positions in the zone

  • Discover how athletic basketball players can trap or bait an opponent into making bad passes that lead to easy baskets on the other end of the floor


Coaching Middle School Basketball: Baseline Out-of-Bounds Plays

Coaching Middle School Basketball: Baseline Out-of-Bounds Plays

  • Learn out-of-bounds sets that can be used against man or zone defense to create numerous scoring opportunities

  • Learn breakdown drills for rehearsing scoring options and practicing the shots these plays deliver

  • Discover easy-to-teach plays that will confuse opponents




New Volleyball Clinic DVD set Featuring the Coaching Staff and Dr. Cecile Reynaud!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, November 21, 2011

Recently, a five disc Volleyball DVD set has been released that features the University of Louisville coaching staff and special guest speaker, Dr. Cecile Reynaud.  Both of which have a great amount of success and experience in the sport of volleyball.  The title of this five disc set is:

2011 University of Louisville Volleyball Coaches Clinic 

  • Informative sessions on running practices, defensive strategy, technique errors and corrections and more
  • Get over five informative hours of on-court instruction from top coaches
  • Learn to coach properly run drills to help your team learn defensive techniques and maximize touches
  • Identify and correct common serving, setting, attacking and passing errors
  • Identify weaknesses in your current defensive system and adjust to cover for them
  • Learn drills that will keep your entire team busy during practice
  • Use stats and tendencies to exploit your opponent

New Basketball Resources Essential for Coaches!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We have just released four Basketball resources that are essential for coaches.  These four new items can be found at the following links:

Basketball Crowd Noise Simulator for PC
Basketball Crowd Noise Simulator for Mac

The Software uses 21 high quality sounds that include:

  • Home Team Sounds – Sounds for when the home team makes a shot, misses a shot, is at the Free-throw line, steals the ball, blocks the ball or has a big play.
  • Away Team Sounds – Sounds for when the awayteam makes a shot, misses a shot, is at the Free-throw line, steals the ball, blocks the ball or has a big play.
  • Miscellaneous Sounds – Crowd Noise during a time out huddle, chanting “Airball”, chanting “Defense – Defense”, chanting a “5-4-3-2-1 countdown” and Clock Buzzer.

CoachDeck – Basketball

CoachDeck cards were created to assist the millions of hard-working youth sports volunteers and parents who would like to help players learn important skills and fundamentals though fun drills and games. The time commitment involved in coaching is enormous, and sometimes it is not possible to thoroughly prepare for each practice. Designed by professional coaches, the drills can be performed by players from ages 6-16 and are laid out in a fast, easy-to-understand format that allows you to conduct an extremely effective practice with little or no preparation.

The basketball deck features drills in four areas:

  • Defense
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Ball Handling

Playmaker Basketball Marker Board

Show a play … wipe it away! Playmaker has full basketball court permanently screened on a white erasable surface. Includes erasable pen which attaches firmly to the clip head with Velcro fasteners. 9″ x 15″
Men’s and women’s basketball scorebook, for 30 games, score to 136. Wirebound, hardback. Full size, 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches. Separate spaces for field goals and free throws. Instant scoring for individual and team fouls. Index page for handy reference. Room for 15 player roster. Additional space for player technical fouls and for up to 10 team fouls each half.

New All-Access Softball DVD Featuring Donna Papa and the North Carolina softball coaching staff

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We have recently released an All-Access Softball DVD featuring Donna Papa and the North Carolina softball coaching staff.  She is a 4x ACC Coach of the Year and has over 1,000 wins.  This new Softball DVD is titled:

All Access North Carolina Softball Practice 

  • Pick up drills for slap hitting, pitching, base running, throwing, fielding, and much more
  • Learn cue words and coaching strategies while watching two live practices
  • Watch two bullpen sessions with pitchers & catchers led by Assistant Coach Boo Gillette

For more All-Access Softball DVDs, see below:

All-Access UCLA Softball Practice
All Access Indoor Softball Practice

All-Access Tennessee Women’s Basketball: Transition Drills and Offensive Sets

By adam.warner - Last updated: Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In the latest edition of All-Access, we take you back to Knoxville, Tennessee for a look inside a University of Tennessee women’s basketball practice. Watch as head coach Pat Summitt – who has more than 950 career wins and eight NCAA titles to her credit – leads the Vols through a typical practice session.

To begin, Summitt leads her squad through a variety of drills. Full court transition drills, inbound plays, 5-on-4 drills, and offensive sets are all covered.

This behind-the-scenes look gives coaches, parents, and players a glimpse inside one of the nation’s most dominant basketball programs. You’ll also get a chance to see how practices are organized and conducted at the Division I level. See what kind of drills, techniques, concepts and overall tips you can pick up and immediately begin implementing with your own team.

Full Court Transition Drills and Inbound Plays

Watch the Vols in action as the team works on full-court transition drills. Players start in a circle going around and around continuously (with the circle getting wider each second) until the coach throws a ball into play. The players immediately move into their 5-on-5 loose ball transition offense/defense.

Next, players cool down with a free-throw session before working on a number of inbound plays from under the basket, first against a ghost defense and then 5-on-5.


5-on-4 Scramble

Here, the team works on defensive tactics against offensive ball movement around the perimeter. Players are preventing middle penetration, staying low, blocking out, communicating, and working on help defense.

From here, the squad transitions into half-court 5-on-5 defense, which includes blocking out and then transitioning to offense down on the other end of the floor. It’s continuous play back and forth and points are tallied for each respective unit.


Offensive Sets

Next, the team works on its offensive sets against a ghost defense. Notice that players are always crashing to the basket on a shot and at least one outlet person is getting back on defense to prevent quick fast breaks off the shot.

Also, pick and rolls are involved, plus a play called “Spin.” The team then moves into 5-on-5 action while working on those specific plays. Summitt eventually goes step-by-step through one play and reminds players about spacing, techniques, and more.

Notice the quick pace of practices as players are always hustling, communicating, and moving fast. Also, drills are always timed. All in all, each practice session is quite methodical and each player knows her role.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “All-Access Basketball Practice with Pat Summitt.” To check out our entire All-Access collection, simply click here.


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