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The 2013 Nike COY Football Manuals are Now Available!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, July 22, 2013

Read the very best coaching instructional lectures in football today. Philosophy, motivation, offense, defense, X’s and O’s, and Kicking Game. All this and more, with focus on technique and how to! Gain knowledge from highly successful high school, college, and professional coaches and give your team the competitive edge it needs to become a championship caliber program!

2013 NIKE Coach of the Year Clinics Football Manual                                  2013 Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Notes

2013 NIKE Coach of the Year Clinics Football Manual2013 Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Notes



For more excellent football reading material, take a look at the 2012 Manual and Clinic Notes below:

2012 Nike Coach of the Year: Manual2012 Nike Coach of the Year: Clinic Notes


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New Volleyball DVDs from the 2011 AVCA Clinic!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, March 9, 2012

Here are new Volleyball DVDs featuring speakers from the 2011 AVCA Clinic.  The American Volleyball Coaches Clinic was held in San Antonio, TX and hosted a variety of world class coaches.  The titles of these Volleyball DVDs are:

Creating the Best Practice Strategy for Your Team

  • Learn to focus on specific cues to make it easier for your athletes to understand what you want from them
  • Motivate each of your players based on what’s best for the team
  • Learn how to focus on individuals at times without neglecting the team
  • Hitting Technique: Drills and Cues for Developing Consistency

  • Maximize your hitting power and give your athletes the confidence to score points with authority!
  • Hit the ball with more accuracy and consistency
  • Reduce hitting related injuries with a full body, progressive warm-up
  • Swing Blocking: Attacking the Attacker

  • Teach swing blocking footwork that minimizes blocker floating
  • Learn the load and ready position that will help blockers stay balanced and intimidate hitters
  • Discover eye sequencing techniques that will allow your blockers to attack opposing hitters and get more stuffs
  • Learn the three key elements of swing blocking and how to break them down for your athletes
  • Increase your quality touches at the net
  • Teaching Volleyball to Young Children–and Their Parents!

  • Teach 5-10 year old children the skills they need to develop into successful athletes and volleyball players
  • Run a fun, high energy practice that keeps your kids engaged
  • Learn to simplify complex moves so kids can master the basic volleyball skills
  • See how to positively approach your kids in coaching them to learn the sport of volleyball
  • Get drills that integrate actions and movements–even if they are not volleyball related–to help the kids to develop their coordination
  • Develop a solid partnership between parent and child to help one another on the court as they learn their skills
  • Indoor-to-Sand Progression: Do’s and Don’ts of Sand Volleyball

  • Take training drills and techniques of the indoor game and apply them to the rules of sand volleyball
  • Control a rally by playing “small ball”
  • Teach your players to perform each skill from both sides of the court
  • Learn drills that help with the transition from indoor to sand volleyball
  • Setting Fundamentals for Sand Players

  • Learn the keys tactical setting in the sand
  • Consistently produce a well defined apex on the ball
  • Get tips for better transitional and “trouble” setting situations
  • Using a Sand Court for Strength Training and Conditioning

  • Use sand volleyball training to supplement your indoor training
  • Increase strength, speed, stamina, and stability
  • Get a sand-court training circuit that includes 18 volleyball-specific exercises–most use a ball!
  • Learn a dynamic stretching routine that focuses on core strength and balance
  • Building an All-Around Volleyball Athlete with Brazilian Training Methods

  • Learn warm-up drills that emphasize Brazilian ball control techniques
  • See multiple contact drills that stress basic skills
  • Get a relentless focus on developing all skills (passing, setting and hitting) with all players
  • Learn how to speed up drills to maximize repetitions for players
  • Create drills that are fun and develop players quickly
  • These DVDs are part of a 13 Disc Series that features more AVCA Clinic speakers, purchase them all as a set and save $125!

    2011 AVCA Clinic DVD Series

    New Football Clinic DVD featuring Mike Leach, Hal Mumme, Tom Horne and Pat Poore!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, March 2, 2012

    Here we have a new Football DVD featuring 2011 clinic speakers Mike Leach, Hal Mumme, Tom Horne and Pat Poore. All of these coaches began their collegiate football coaching careers at Iowa Wesleyan.  Listen to what advice they have and how they have become so successful in their careers.  The titles of this Football DVD is:

    Air Raid Offense Football Clinic

  • Implement the same “four vertical” pass concept used by Mike Leach to spearhead his prolific Air Raid offense at Texas Tech
  • Put pressure on defenses by stretching the field and getting the ball to your athletes
  • Coach the finer points of quarterback and receiver play in the “four vertical” pass concept to improve your team’s completion percentage
  • Modify the routes in the four vertical pass concept to attack different coverages

  • New Volleyball Clinic DVD set Featuring the Coaching Staff and Dr. Cecile Reynaud!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, November 21, 2011

    Recently, a five disc Volleyball DVD set has been released that features the University of Louisville coaching staff and special guest speaker, Dr. Cecile Reynaud.  Both of which have a great amount of success and experience in the sport of volleyball.  The title of this five disc set is:

    2011 University of Louisville Volleyball Coaches Clinic 

    • Informative sessions on running practices, defensive strategy, technique errors and corrections and more
    • Get over five informative hours of on-court instruction from top coaches
    • Learn to coach properly run drills to help your team learn defensive techniques and maximize touches
    • Identify and correct common serving, setting, attacking and passing errors
    • Identify weaknesses in your current defensive system and adjust to cover for them
    • Learn drills that will keep your entire team busy during practice
    • Use stats and tendencies to exploit your opponent


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