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Develop Better Stride Length to Lower Sprint Times!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, January 24, 2014

Kansas State Head Track & Field Coach, Cliff Rovelto, has his athlete demonstrate a max velocity exercise called the ‘Drum Drill.’ This will help your athletes achieve a specific stride frequency and work on a stride length that will lower your times.

Drum Drill

Gain more insight and an additional video clip from, “Mega Drills for the Sprints and Hurdles.” Discover other great Sprint videos apart of our large Track & Field collection!

New Track & Field Video for the Sprints & Hurdles!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, January 17, 2014

Over 50 different drills that will inject necessary balance and variation into your practice! Featuring USTFCCCA National Coach of the Year, Cliff Rovelto.

Ultimate Askren


  • Maximize the benefits that your athletes receive from their warm-up
  • Learn acceleration drills to optimize block starts and refine mid-race mechanics
  • Improve your athletes’ max velocity mechanics
  • Learn how to design hurdle workouts that simulate race day mechanics





More Cliff Rovelto instruction:       

Cliff Rovelto's Complete Guide to the High JumpMega Drills for the Horizontal Jumps

Great Training Tips to Add Distance to Your Long Jumps!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, October 22, 2012

See some excellent drills that will increase the distance of your long jump with Kansas State University Director of Track & Field, Cliff Rovelto.  Coach Rovelto is also a 7x Team USA staff member and has his demonstrator show you various exercises using hurdles.  This information will help you improve your build up to the long jump take off and allow you to generate the most amount of force possible.

This clip begins with Mini Hurdle Drills.  You need to focus on getting your knees up high and your hands by the hips. Next, you will see Straight Leg Hops and Lateral Straight Leg Hops that allow you to work on applying quick force to the ground and increase hip strength.  Lastly, watch demonstration of Regular Hurdle Hops.  Make sure to bring your knees to the chest when jumping over the hurdle.

Check out an additional clip from the product page of “Mega Drills for the Horizontal Jumps.”  See high quality Long Jump DVDs and other Track & Field DVDs from our huge video library!

Top Notch Techniques to Elevate Your High Jump!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, October 22, 2012

Get insight from the all-time most winningest track & field coach in Big 12 history, Gary Pepin.  Coach Pepin has been the University Nebraska Track & Field Head Coach for 32 years.  He has the experience and knowledge to propel your athletes to the next level.  Take a look at some great exercises you can do to prepare for the high jump.

Once the take-off has been successfully executed, bar clearance becomes a matter of athlete perception and co-ordination. Coach Pepin shows you drills to help the athlete practice this, and how to execute properly over the bar actions.

Coach Pepin also teaches a number of drills to strengthen the athlete and to re-enforce the proper high jump technique.  This includes the circle drill and the figure eight drill.  All of these drills can be used either in the off-season or early in season to help develop your high jumpers!

Check out an additional clip from the product page of “World Class High Jump.”  See high quality High Jump DVDs and other Track & Field DVDs from our huge video library!

Increase Your Horizontal and High Jumps at Your Next Meet!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, September 17, 2012

Get some of the best instruction for your horizontal jumps or high jumps with Cliff Rovelto, Kansas State University Director of Cross Country and Track & Field.  Rovelto was also a 7x Team USA staff member and will have his demonstrators show you a variety of drills that will have you jumping farther or jumping higher!  See what these two Track & Field DVDs have to offer:

Mega Drills for the Horizontal Jumps

  • Over 40 drills for successful long and triple jumping
  • Achieve maximum velocity at takeoff for longer jumps
  • Add 6″ to 8″ to your jump by learning to land “active”

Cliff Rovelto’s Complete Guide to the High Jump

  • Develop an approach that will optimize your athletes’ individual strengths
  • Includes drills for proper takeoff mechanics to fully maximize the speed gathered during the approach
  • Discover multi-jump progressions that allow the athlete to focus on their technique without the wear and tear of taking full jumps
  • Features demonstration by 2011 World Champion Jesse Williams
If you like both of these DVDs, purchase the Cliff Rovelto Jump Training 2-Pack and save $10!



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