Get an Overview of the Track Start for Butterfly from Two Olympians!

Olympic Gold Medalist, Claire Donahue, and 2012 Olympian, Tyler McGill, give you an overview of the track start for Butterfly. They keep it very simple: stand tall, comfortable stance, hips higher than shoulders and tension on the arms. Overview of the Track Start This video came from Championship Productions’ video “Butterfly with Claire Donahue and Tyler McGill.” View other […]

Create a Clean Entry into the Water for the Butterfly!

Claire Donahue, Olympic and World Championships Gold Medalist, and Tyler McGill, 2012 Olympian, simplify the Butterfly by demonstrating a drill that emphasizes great technique. This involves performing a simple dive off the blocks with a pull buoy that forces the swimmer to squeeze their legs for a clean entry. The Buoy Start A clean entry on the start is crucial […]