Pair Passing: The Perfect Drill to Open Lacrosse Practice With

McDonough girls’ lacrosse coach Chris Robinson demonstrates an effective drill that’s ideal for teams to open up practice with. This competitive series is a terrific way to build individual skills, particularly when it comes to passing proficiency. Follow along as Coach Robinson leads his team through the drill series before finishing with an exciting team […]

New Lacrosse DVDs featuring Chris Robinson and John Nostrant!

We have two Lacrosse DVDs which have just been released that feature Chris Robinson.  His latest achievement was Back-to-Back (2011, 2010 ) LaxPower High School Girls Lacrosse National Championships.  The titles of the new Lacrosse DVDs are: Drills to Build a Dodge-First Offense Create a “dodge-first” mindset that will reduce turnovers and increase possession time for […]