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8 New Basketball Videos Now Available: Match-up Zone, Pick & Roll, Transition, and more!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, August 1, 2013

We recently came out with 8 new Basketball videos featuring Chris Mooney, Larry Brown, Dave Rice, Tim Miles, Saul Phillips, Phil Martelli, Michael Buonaguro, and Noel Gillespie! Learn all aspects of the game that you can teach to your players and the coaching staff. Three of the products below are accompanied with a review from our basketball coordinator, Coach Thom!

                                                    Chris Mooney: Match-Up Zone Defense                                                         Chris Mooney: Match-Up Zone Defense


Tim Miles: Developing a Winning Culture with Competitive Practice Drills

Tim Miles: Developing a Winning Culture with Competitive Practice Drills


Building the 1-2-2 Three-Quarter Court Defense

Building the 1-2-2 Three-Quarter Court Defense


Click the DVD covers below to see more information and a clip from these new Basketball releases:

Secondary Break into Half Court OffenseDave Rice: Transition into Early OffenseHow to Attack Pressure DefensePhil Martelli: Skill Development Workouts for All AgesThe Early Pick-and-Roll Attack



All Access Richmond Basketball: Coaches Meetings and Offensive Sets

By adam.warner - Last updated: Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In this week’s edition of All Access, we take you back to Richmond, Virginia for a behind-the-scenes look inside a University of Richmond men’s basketball practice.

First, watch as head coach Chris Mooney sits down with his coaching staff for a pre-practice meeting. The coaches take turns emphasizing specific goals and strategies the team needs to work on. Finally, we’ll take you out to the basketball court as the Spiders run through baseline charges, the “4 around 1” motion offense, and several other offensive sets.

This all-access pass derives from the first few days of practice during the 2009-10 basketball campaign.

Coaches Pre-Practice Meeting

We start things off with a pre-practice coaches meeting as Coach Mooney and his staff talk about the daily practice plan. Discussions revolve around elbow defense, personnel for drills/sets/coaching points, Robert Parrish comparisons, two-foot finishes, and how to take hits on a drive (see below with “baseline charges”). The roundtable discussion also emphasizes a few other plays and specific areas that players need to work on in order to make them effective.


Baseline Charges

In “baseline charges”, players practice taking charges in the paint. First, a player will start out with possession as the charger and rams into a defender stationed out in the lane. After this, the offensive player quickly changes over to the defender and takes a charge. Players then rotate through. Notice how players yell out to emphasize the hit. Also, zero in on the quality footwork and stance needed to pull off the charge.


4 Around 1 Motion Offense

The “4 Around 1” offense is a motion offense that uses four perimeter players and one post player. It’s an ideal system to use when your team has solid outside players and fewer post players. Meanwhile, it’s also designed to gain favorable matchups.

In this particular practice session, Richmond is coming down the court in their transition spots. On offense, the squad will run staggered screens away after the point guard passes to the wing. They can also look to make a swing pass via staggered screen on the opposite side. Then after either staggered screen move, it’s a “4 around 1” pass and cut.

Coach Mooney also provides some detailed coaching instruction for the defensive players in the drill regarding how they should play the initial passes and staggered screens up top.

Tip: The top guys on defense should have their feet on the elbow and keep their chest facing the ball.


The previous clips can all be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “All Access Richmond Basketball Practice with Chris Mooney.” To check our entire collection of All Access videos, simply head over to our basketball library


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