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8 New Basketball DVDs/ Downloads Now Available!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, May 17, 2013

We have recently released 8 new Basketball DVDs/Digital Downloads! Learn from great coaches such as Chris Mack, Don Showalter, Greg KampeTerry Layton, and Robert Senderoff! Save big on our basketball instruction when you buy 3 Basketball DVDs for $99.99!

Chris Mack: Winning with a Structured Fast Break

  • Attack your opponent’s defense when it’s most vulnerable – in transition
  • Take pressure off of your half-court offense and get a few cheap baskets every night out
  • Give your players confidence and an attacking mentality when walking into an opposing gym
  • Adapt your transition offense to your own personnel

Don Showalter: Practice Drills to Build a Defensive Mindset

  • Build your full-court defense with a series of pressure breakdown drills that will make each player on your team a better defender
  • Learn full- and half-court drills that you can use to build a stingy defense
  • See detailed defensive breakdowns that will teach your players proper positioning, awareness, and alertness
  • Get program building advice that will help you avoid the top 10 mistakes high school coaches make

Greg Kampe: Closeout Drills for Controlling the Ball

  • Guard the ball more effectively and keep the ball in front of your defenders
  • Use purposeful warm-up drills to build closeout skills
  • Maximize the efficiency of your practices by using drills that teach more than one concept at a time
  • Incorporate defending ball screens into your closeout work

Fred Hoiberg: Transition Basketball with Six Secondary Break Sets

  • Learn a good transition game that provides multiple ways to score before the defense gets set
  • Take advantage of “big on small” dribble hand-offs to create defensive mismatches
  • Implement screens in your transition offense
  • Create more open looks for the 3-point shot in transition to negate the defense’s size advantage
  • Learn six secondary sets with multiple options to fit your personnel to give your offense better opportunities to score

Warm-Up and Shooting Drills from Around the World

  • Get 15 shooting drills used by teams all over the world that will add a new twist to your practice library
  • Make your practices more efficient with a progressive warm-up that also develops basketball skills
  • Learn half court shooting drills that will maximize your gym time and space and condition your players

Explosion and Full Court Drills from Around the World

  • Learn drills that develop explosive movement with and without the ball
  • Teach your players to play at multiple speeds on the court
  • Discover seven full court drills and their variations that you can use to teach any skill and to turn essential skills into habits

Building a Ball Screen Offense

  • A simple and easy to install ball screen offensive system that is perfect for teams with multiple ball handlers
  • Learn counter options that will leave your opponents stunned as your players blow by their defensive alignments
  • Learn how to use this offense to take advantage of the strengths of your players

Skill Development for Post Players

  • Improve your players aggressiveness on the boards and develop moves to finish around the rim
  • Learn a progressive workout routine to teach your players a go-to move and a counter
  • Build basic post player movements and advance your players’ back-to-the-basket skills with Rob Senderoff’s Chair Drill Series

Chris Mack: Winning with a Structured Fast BreakDon Showalter: Practice Drills to Build a Defensive MindsetGreg Kampe: Closeout Drills for Controlling the BallFred Hoiberg: Transition Basketball with Six Secondary Break Sets

Explosion and Full Court Drills from Around the WorldWarm-Up and Shooting Drills from Around the WorldBuilding a Ball Screen OffenseSkill Development for Post Players

New Basketball DVDs featuring Ben Jacobson, Chris Mack, Homer Drew & Brad Brownell!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, July 26, 2010

We have recently released four new basketball DVDs featuring Ben Jacobson (UNI), Chris Mack (Xavier University), Homer Drew (Valparaiso University), and Brad Brownell (Clemson University)!  Check out the practice drills, zone offense, and the pick and roll offense from these top coaches!

Ben Jacobson: Fundamental Drills for Basketball Practice
Chris Mack: Continuity Pick & Roll Offense
Homer Drew’s 15 Favorite Practice Drills
Gap Attack Zone Offense


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