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Be Prepared for Your Next Cheer Tryout!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Let us help with your 2013 cheerleading tryouts! This can be a stressful time for coaches, especially since you must come up with brand new cheers, chants, and dances to test your cheerleaders’ skills. University of Kentucky Head Coach Jomo Thompson and many other coaches from our large DVD library can help save you time preparing for your tryouts.

Jomo’s 15 Favorite Sideline Dances

  • Get the hottest new Sidelines from the #1 Cheer Squad in the country
  • Learn new dance moves broken down count by count
  • Energize your crowds like never before

Gain additional cheers and routines to add to your team’s repertoire with the phenomenal Cheerleading DVDs below:

Winning it All! Cheers & Sidelines
Cheer to Pin: 25 Wrestling Cheers
Cheers & Chants, Vol. 10
Jomo’s Favorite Advanced Dances
Winning it All! Volume 2 – Cheers & Sidelines

Pick Up New Cheers to Add to Your Team’s Routine!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We have just released our newest Cheerleading DVD featuring our very own, Dana Logan! The Ames (IA) High School Head Winter Cheer Coach (Basketball & Wrestling) is the Cheer Education Director here at Championship Productions and has exceptional knowledge of the sport. Add a variety of wrestling cheers to your squad’s repertoire with 25 new wrestling cheers! With Coach Logan’s instruction, these cheers are easy to learn for coaches of all levels. Check out the collection of great cheers in the DVD below:

Cheer to Pin: 25 Wrestling Cheers

  • Discover an assortment of 25 wrestling cheers to add to your cheer collection
  • Learn the basic wrestling moves to ensure cheers are appropriately implemented
  • Easily change the words in these cheers to individualize them for your school


Also, take a look at more great cheers from 7x National Championship Coach, Jomo Thompson!

Jomo’s 15 Favorite Basketball Cheers & Chants
Jomo’s 15 Favorite Football Cheers & Chants

Capture the Crowd’s Attention with These New Cheers and Stunts!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, January 4, 2013

Your search for the some of the best stunt instruction ends here with these great Cheerleading DVDs.  World renowned cheer coaches, Saleem Habash, 8X UCA National Championship Coach, and Mark Coleman, has over 35 National Titles at UCA High School Nationals.  Incorporate these tips into practice and improve your results in your future competitions.

Intermediate and Advanced Stunts, Dismounts, and Transitions

  • Learn insights and strategies for making your stunts look their best
  • Learn how to teach and explain the stunts
  • Make your stunts as safe as possible

Winning it All! Elite Partner Stunts & Transitions

  • Challenge your team and give them the key techniques to perform elite stunts and transitions
  • Each stunt is demonstrated followed by a step-by-step break down and explanation
  • Give your team what it takes to be a top stunting team

Winning it All! Volume 2 – Advanced Stunts

  • Progress your squad to a higher level
  • Learn the importance of stunt difficulty progression
  • Step by step explanation and breakdown for safer learning

Basic Stunts, Dismounts and Transitions

  • Learn the nuances and tricks to make each stunt successful
  • Learn the how and the why of each stunt
  • Make your stunts as safe as possible

Pop Warner Presents 30 Partner Stunts for Youth Cheerleading

  • Discover over 30 stunts in basic, intermediate and advanced areas
  • Get your best stunters in the best positions for each stunt
  • Discover little secrets that add additional creativity to your routine


New Cheers to Kick Off the Winter Season!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Get the best tips from Saleem Habash and see excellent demonstration from Habash’s UCA national title winning cheerleaders! Habash is a 8X UCA National Championship Coach and gives helpful suggestions with each cheer and sideline to help you avoid any training pitfalls you might experience. His genius is truly evident in this Cheerleading DVD:

Winning it All! Volume 2 – Cheers & Sidelines

  • Four cheers and 12 sidelines are taught and demonstrated from the front and the back to help your team learn quickly and effectively
  • Insightful instruction on motion technique, drills and motion memory
  • Reinforce your cheerleaders’ current skills and/or develop the skills of beginning cheerleaders

Browse other quality Cheerleading DVDs featuring the sports best:

Cheers & Chants, Vol. 10
“West Coast Cool” Game Action Chants & Performance Cheers
Winning it All! Cheers & Sidelines
Cheers & Chants, Volume 9


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