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Learn How You Can Develop Better Butterfly Swimmers!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, January 3, 2014

The Butterfly tips in this clip are taught by Frank Busch, current US National Team Director. Coach Busch will give you an overview of Butterfly emphasizing the body position, catch, finish, kick and the body line.

Butterfly Overview

It is important to keep the body line as flat as possible.

CHECK OUT more valuable insight from an additional clip of “Fast Lane Butterfly.” VIEW other world class Butterfly videos in our massive Swimming library!

Create a Strong Catch on Your Butterfly Stroke!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, November 29, 2013

Greg Rhodenbaugh, current University of Missouri Head Swimming Coach, provides you with tips on the ‘4 Count Recovery Drill’ for the butterfly stroke. This aids swimmers of varying abilities to have soft hands on the recovery in order to establish a strong catch.

Recovery Drill

This is a great exercise for youth swimmers to work on not lifting their arms too high out of the water and to avoid rotating the shoulders too early.

Watch and learn more valuable tips from an additional clip of Fast Lane Butterfly.  See other high quality Butterfly videos in our massive Swimming DVD collection!

Perfect Each Stroke with our New Mega Drills Swimming Series!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, August 5, 2013

Watch and learn stroke and dryland training from Coley Stickel, who has experience coaching collegiate and olympic level athletes. Every swimmer on your team can benefit from the instruction and demonstration presented in these 5 new Swimming videos. Check out details on each product below:

Mega Drills for Freestyle

Mega Drills for Freestyle

  • More than 20 drills and variation that enhance all critical areas of the freestyle
  • See how to vary drill complexity from single focus to multi-dimensional
  • Learn the latest techniques to enhance your swimmers’ feel for establishing a solid catch position
  • See drills that reinforce balance while increasing stroke efficiency in the water



Mega Drills for Backstroke

Mega Drills for Backstroke

  • Over 18 drills and variations that reflect the most current techniques being used by world class backstrokers
  • Learn multi-faceted drills that train multiple segments of the stroke simultaneously
  • Better engage your backstrokers with fun new drills that require thinking and focus!



Mega Drills for Breaststroke

Mega Drills for Breaststroke

  • Over 25 drills and variations that work on hand speed, proper body position and the timing of the stroke
  • Learn techniques and drills that enhance the feel for water
  • Improve timing and balance while increasing efficiency in the water
  • New and creative drills that will challenge athletes to learn about their stroke through segment awareness



Mega Drills for Butterfly

Mega Drills for Butteryfly

  • Learn more than 20 unique, fun, and creative drills for teaching an efficient butterfly stroke
  • Learn drills for effectively training stroke timing, body positioning and balance
  • Discover never-before-seen drills that challenge the athlete to learn about their own stroke through stroke segment awareness



Mega Drills for Dryland Training

Mega Drills for Dryland Training

  • Over 50 dynamic dryland exercises to increase your team’s overall strength and explosiveness
  • Learn how to create variations of traditional exercises that engage the core and increase athleticism
  • Learn how to develop total body strength by incorporating total body movements with minimal equipment


Begin All Your Races Faster with Legendary Swimming Instruction!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, December 3, 2012

Get quality start instruction for every stroke from 12X NCAA Championship Coach, David Marsh.  Coach Marsh, along with former All-American Swimmer at Auburn, Bill Pilczuk, has his demonstrators show you forward starts for various strokes: freestyle, butterfly, and breaststroke.  Be better prepared for the start of all your races.

During this demonstration of full speed starts, Marsh and Pilczuk, discuss transitioning from the entry into the breakout on the start.  In order to have a strong, fast start, it is critical to hold your speed throughout the breakout.

View an additional clip from the product page of “Swimming Faster! Turns for all Strokes.”  See more great Starts DVDs and Turns DVDs  as well as other world class Swimming DVDs from our massive collection!

Lower Your Race Times with Better Butterfly Turns!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, November 5, 2012

Get advice to develop better butterfly turns with Ian Pope.  He is currently the Head Coach at Melbourne Vicentre Swimming Club and has previously coach a number of Olympians and Record Holders.  Learn how to have a improve all aspects of the turn during the Butterfly event with these fun drills.

Learn to generate power and make your rotation smooth.  You will see how to get a good feel for the push off the wall and have a nice glide.  Also, your kicks will get stronger working on these drills.

View an additional clip on the product page of “Ian Pope’s Swimming Down Under: Butterfly.”  See great Butterfly DVDs and other world class Swimming DVDs from our huge video library!



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