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Learn Three Ways to Defend a Pick & Roll!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Two time All-American defenseman at Georgetown University and Schmeisser Award winner as a senior, Brodie Merrill, runs through the three different ways to defend a pick & roll. The offense’s actions determine which method of defense is the most effective, and Merrill demonstrates how to pull off each one.

Defending the Pick & Roll

Drill Summary: The first defensive option against the pick & roll is staying. To stay, have the defender guarding the screener push the screener forward so the on-ball defender can get through and stay with their man.

The second option is switching. The key to switching is communicating between teammates before opening up and swapping the person each defender is guarding.

The third and final option is jumping the ball carrier. To jump, communicate between teammates, then double the ball as the screen is being set. It’s important to deny passes to the roller while doubling, so be sure to harass the ball handler’s hands after jumping them.

Keys to the Drill:

1) For “staying,” push the picker through.
2) For “switching,” communicate and open up to the ball.
3) For “jumping,” double the ball carrier.
4) For “jumping,” harass the ball carrier’s hands.

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “Brodie Merrill’s ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ Skills and Drills.” View other world class Lacrosse videos!

Learn to Dodge from Former Defensive Player of the Year Brodie Merrill!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Part of what made former Georgetown University defenseman Brodie Merrill so good was his coach’s willingness to put him through offensive drills as well. Developing an all-around game was essential to Merrill’s success, and in this video you’ll learn to dodge in transition – a skill that made Merrill an intimidating presence on the field.

Transition Dodges

Drill Summary: This drill simulates a defenseman that has just crossed the midline. The drilling player matches up with a defender 1-on-1 and works on three different kinds of dodges: split dodge, bull dodge and face dodge. For the split dodge, the player sells the ball one direction, switches hands to get free then accelerates the other way for a shot. For the bull dodge, the player once again sells the ball one direction before accelerating the other way, but this time they keep the ball in their strong hand. Finally, for the face dodge, the player sells a shot or pass in front of the defender before tucking the stick in front of their face and sprinting past the defenseman. On each dodge, finish the drill with a shot.

Keys to the Drill:

1) Sell moves to create separation.
2) Ball control.
3) Ball protection.
4) Accurate shot on goal.

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “Brodie Merrill’s ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ Skills and Drills.” View other world class Lacrosse videos!

Lacrosse Tips & Tricks: Defensive Slides with Brodie Merrill

By adam.warner - Last updated: Tuesday, June 11, 2013

With two-time All American defenseman Brodie Merrill leading the way, learn about proper slide techniques and tips from one of the game’s most heralded defenders. Merrill walks through each scenario with you before putting on the pads and simulating the defensive techniques at full speed on the lacrosse field.

Sliding Overview

Although often overlooked, defensive slides are absolutely critical to a team’s overall success. Slides are all about communication, being on the same page as your teammates, being up-field from your opponent, having your head on a swivel, and having your stick and body in the right positions. Let’s run through a typical slide scenario.

If the ball is behind the goal with an attackman and you are guarding a man in the crease, you are the first slide. Therefore, you need to make sure your head is on a swivel and that you have your stick on your opponent lightly to get a feel of where they are.

If the defender has been beat, you need to slide and take a good angle, get your stick up-field from your man, break down, and get nice and low. At this point, you have two options. First, you could tell your fellow defender to stay and double the ball. The second option is to say, “Find One.” That defender will then retreat to the crease and bump that second slide back to his man, and you are all even again.

Check out some examples below of proper slides in action.

Sliding Adjacent

An adjacent slide usually occurs when there is no one in the crease. In this scenario, the nearest man must slide to the attacker that beats our defender.

In the video example below, Merrill is the “HOT” man. First, it’s key to be above GLE. Also, your fellow defender wants to be taking away the top side and force the offensive player inside.

Why inside? Well, if the player gets beats by the attackman, he will ONLY get beat into the help.  Therefore with the adjacent slide, you will have to slide cross-crease while your fellow midfielder is sliding down to help on the backside. Remember to lead with the stick and follow with the body. Get as low as you can and power through.

Take a look at a few examples in the video clip below.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Brodie Merrill’s ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ Skills and Drills.” To check out more videos focusing on defense, click here.

The Latest Lacrosse Defense DVD featuring a World Class Player!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gone are the days when you can throw an un-skilled, un-athletic player back on defense because he can’t play offense. The defenseman plays a critical role in lacrosse and requires skill and athleticism. Brodie Merrill, pro lacrosse player(MLL), draws upon his experience in both box and field lacrosse to present this Lacrosse DVD on the most important defensive skills needed to be successful in the game today.

Brodie Merrill’s ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ Skills and Drills

  • Learn the five core fundamentals of defense
  • Discover techniques and checks that will keep you and your stick in the proper position to take the ball away
  • Learn the differences between the field game using a long stick and the box game using a short stick and more compact defensive sets

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