Learn to Dodge from Former Defensive Player of the Year Brodie Merrill!

Part of what made former Georgetown University defenseman Brodie Merrill so good was his coach’s willingness to put him through offensive drills as well. Developing an all-around game was essential to Merrill’s success, and in this video you’ll learn to dodge in transition – a skill that made Merrill an intimidating presence on the field. […]

Lacrosse Tips & Tricks: Defensive Slides with Brodie Merrill

With two-time All American defenseman Brodie Merrill leading the way, learn about proper slide techniques and tips from one of the game’s most heralded defenders. Merrill walks through each scenario with you before putting on the pads and simulating the defensive techniques at full speed on the lacrosse field. Sliding Overview Although often overlooked, defensive slides […]