Get Two Kicking Drills for the Breaststroke!

Ohio State University head women’s swimming coach, Bill Dorenkott, begins every drilling series with kicking drills. In this clip, he’ll show you the “Streamline Breaststroke Kick on the Back” and the “Superman Breaststroke Kick on the Back,” which both require great hip flexibility from swimmers. Kicking Drills Drill Summary: For the “Streamline Breaststroke Kick on […]

Receive Breaststroke Instruction from Josh Davis!

United States Olympic gold medalist and American record breaker, Josh Davis, gives you three breaststroke drills designed to develop faster swimmers. You will work on keeping your head up, shooting through the air, strengthening your arms and improving your timing in Davis’ drills. Breaststroke Drills Drill Summary: There are three different drills in this clip. Head […]