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Get More Pins with this Tight Waist Breakdown!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, October 11, 2013

Check out an excellent breakdown of a tight waist hip shift from 4X All-American, Joe LeBlanc. As the all-time wins leader at Wyoming University, Leblanc has some insightful tips to offer you on performing this unique version of a tight waist breakdown.

Instruction: He begins on the whistle, by showing how to use the waist side elbow to hit the opponent in his hip bone and pull the opponent toward his near hip; the force on this breakdown is sideways, not forward. The hand on the elbow pulls on the elbow crease. The back leg pushes (sideways) as the down knee blocks. It is important that the top wrestler not fall to his side. Instead, after executing the hip shift, finish the breakdown by circling to the near side and pinching both of his knees with both of your knees.

Check out an additional clip from the Championship Productions’ DVD “Takedowns and Turns.”  If you’re interested in more Wrestling videos on Pinning, click here

Improve Your Starts in the Top Position!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, October 11, 2013

As the former coach for Jordan Borroughs (World and Olympic Champion), Mark Manning, knows what it takes to be a great wrestler in the top position. You will see how to improve your starts with this jam and chop breakdown.

Instruction: First, line up tight to the opponent’s hips and with chest pressure down on the lower back. Second, on the whistle, get hip to hip, get chest pressure on the upper back and belly pressure down on his lower back. Third, and at the same time, pry out on the outside thigh as one would in a spiral ride and drive into his ribs with that outside shoulder. Fourth, drive with your feet and stay off your knees as you drive the back leg into the opponent’s hips. Finally, chop the near arm by driving the hips over the near arm using the pressure described here. Note that all of his action is taking place at the same time.

Check out an additional clip from the Championship Productions’ DVD “Top Position: Skills to Dominate.”  If you’re interested in more Wrestling videos on Riding, click here

Effective Ways to Setup Your Opponent for a Pin!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, May 17, 2013

The “spiral” breakdown to inside wrist is an effective move that 3x All-American wrestler, Kerry McCoy, demonstrates for you in this segment. Discover the keys to creating more opportunities for you to score points in your next match.

First, chest and body weight pressure along with feet drive remain the same as in the previous breakdown-the tight waist chop. Second, Coach McCoy, inside chops the elbow in order to make it bend, “collapse the bend, grab the wrist”. Third, run in a circular motion while maintaining chest pressure on the opponent and leg and feet drive.

Take a look at an additional clip from the DVD, Heavyweight Technique: Breakdowns, Pins and Escapes.  Also, view other Kerry McCoy DVDs from our massive Wrestling DVD collection!


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