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Register for a Nike Basketball Clinic featuring Knight, Auriemma, Williams, Smart, and many more!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, September 11, 2013

See how you can sign up for the chance to see some of the best basketball coaches in the world. Some of the featured clinicians are: BOB KNIGHT, ROY WILLIAMS, SHAKA SMART, BOB HUGGINS, BILL CARTWRIGHT, & ALAN STEIN! Listen to the video by BballCoachThom about more detail on each of the 2013 Fall Nike Championship Basketball Clinics:

Click the image below to get started on registration:

 Nike Basketball Clinics

Sign up Today for the Nike Championship Basketball Clinics!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, August 9, 2013

Online Registration for the Nike Championship Basketball Clinics Now Available!

Some world class basketball coaches that you will have the chance to see at these clinics are: BOB KNIGHT, ROY WILLIAMS, SHAKA SMART, BOB HUGGINS, BILL CARTWRIGHT, GENO AURIEMMA, & ALAN STEIN!

Photo: Come learn from some of the world's best basketball coaches at the Nike Championship Basketball Clinics! Sign up is now available, don't miss the opportunity to get tips from the biggest and best names in basketball:


Tips and Strategies for Implementing the 1-3-1 Trapping Defense

By adam.warner - Last updated: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The 1-3-1 Trapping Defense has been an effective scheme for Bob Huggins and his programs for decades. In this week’s team development feature, Coach Huggins will break down some of the key concepts, movements, assignments, and overall coverage for the 1-3-1 Defense. This turnover-inducing defensive scheme — which divides the court in half — relies heavily on ball pressure and trapping. Be sure to follow along and see which concepts you can take away and then implement with your own squad this season.

Slide Defense Overview

For the wing players in the 1-3-1, it’s key that they don’t let the offense get the ball into the middle of the floor. The goal here is to keep the ball on one side of the floor. For the wing defender, you must close on the outside shoulder of the nearest offensive player to prevent movement. Get up in their face so they can’t skip the ball. Get your hands up and try to get the opponent to drive into our help defense.

Be cautious of closing too far on the outside of your opponent. Don’t give up the straight line drive. With our help in place, it will funnel the offensive player to the baseline/wing and not straight at the basket. Remember, we are keeping them on one side of the floor and forcing low percentage looks.

If the ball goes into the near corner, the wing defender now must guard the high side and then turn and defend the inside. The wing player must also defend the first pass wherever it goes on his/her side of the floor.


Sprint to Help Defense

A major goal with this defense is to shrink all gaps. We want it to seem for the offense that there is nowhere for them to go. So, how exactly do we do that? First, we must always have ball pressure. We must make the passing lanes longer so the ball stays in the air.

Next, we are always line to the ball. The ball can go over, under, or around me, but it can’t go through me. Meanwhile, hands are always high and active and we also want to discourage direct passes.

Finally, don’t go over the top of the post. Always go in the direction of the ball.


***Stay tuned for more features incorporating key concepts and drills with the 1-3-1 Trapping Defense in the coming weeks.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Bob Huggins: Full Court 1-3-1 Trapping Defense.” To check out more defensive drills and systems, click here.

Eight New Basketball DVDs Featuring College’s Best Coaches and Teams!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, November 22, 2011

There have been eight new Basketball DVDs recently released.  The DVDs contain high quality coaching instruction from several of the best coaches currently in college basketball.  These eight Basketball DVDs are titled:

Matt Painter: 15 Plays to Score in Any Situation 

  • Have an effective play ready to score in any situation
  • Over 15 plays to give your team the best chance to win a close game
  • Get game-winning plays for any player on your team

Seth Greenberg: Attacking Zone Offense and Plays 

  • Get your players in the best positions to beat a zone defense
  • Learn simple ways to attack the 2-3 zone using ball reversals
  • See how to attack a 1-3-1 zone with a two-guard offense

High Energy Drills for Building Competitive Practices 

  • Learn 11 drills that will make practices more creative, competitive, and energetic
  • Incorporate drills that assign players multiple jobs to simulate game-like conditions
  • Improve your team’s ability to make quick transitions from play-to-play

  Running & Defeating the 2-3 Zone Defense

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the 2-3 Zone Defense
  • Take away the 3-point shot from any offense
  • Teach players how to play against “attacking” and “hang-out” zones
  • Defeat the 2-3 Zone with proven offensive concepts

Chris Mack: Drills to Build the Pack Line Defense 

  • Create a defensive identity for your team
  • Get drills to build intense ball pressure
  • Learn to play tight post defense

Running & Defeating the 1-3-1 Zone Defense 

  • Learn how to attack the 1-3-1-zone defense to get quick scores and easy baskets
  • Discover how to stop a zone offense by getting direct passes to score
  • This 1-3-1 defense forces longer passes and makes good spacing much more difficult
  • Dominate any opposing offense or defense with overall mastery of the 1-3-1-zone defense

Perimeter Drills and Skills for the Pick & Roll Offense 

  • Develop the skills your players need to run the Pick & Roll Offense
  • Learn proper footwork to catch and shoot or attack off of cuts and screens
  • Use chair drills to help break down the offense help players understand spacing and the fundamentals of the offense
  • Develop drills so athletes can compete head to head 2 on 2 or 3 on to develop the skills necessary to run the offense

Pick and Roll Continuity Offense vs. Man and Zone Defenses 

  • Learn how to use the ball screen offense to create high percentage shots for your bigs and guards
  • Put pressure on your opponent’s defense and create mismatches
  • Utilize the pick and roll in your man and zone offense


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