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Techniques that will Enhance Your Players’ Blocking Ability!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, September 6, 2013

Help your athletes develop solid blocking techniques while increasing power and explosiveness. Players will learn to work together as they block in unison. These drills are led by Ruth Nelson, who has been a highly successful coach, teacher, innovator, motivator and player in the sport of volleyball.


Single item focus training is used to help athletes concentrate on specific areas for improvement. View an additional clip from the DVD: Volleyball Performance Training on the Volleyball Court (Beginners to Advanced).  Also, view other Ruth Nelson DVDs from our massive Volleyball DVD collection!

Dominate the Middle of the Court with These Exercises!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Get breakdown of middle hitting and blocking with 2011 Big East Coach of the Year, Bond Shymansky!  He is currently the Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Marquette University and has some great advice to offer.  Coach Shymansky points out that middle hitting is not all about just being able to hit the ball hard, its about communicating with your teammates and putting forth a great deal of effort.  This first clip shows the details of footwork mechanics.  See how to maximize elevation off the ground and rise high above the net to make a hit over opponents blockers.

Tips: Coaches, make sure to teach your players to position themselves no more than 3 meters between them and the net.  Athletes, do not jump to close to the net as that will make it easy for opponents to block you.


A good blocker must have excellent vision and be able to read the setter.  One important set of instructions Coach Shymansky feels is necessary is for the blocker to first watch the ball, then the setter, then back to the ball and finally focus on the hitter.  Using a good shuffle will allow you to get in the best position for a block.

Tips Athletes, try to anticipate the actions of your opponent by watching the opponent’s shoulders.  Coaches, watch the arm mechanics of your players to ensure they are driving their elbows back to propel themselves off the ground higher.


View an additional clip from the product page of “‘Gettin’ Better’ – 40 Tips for Better Middle Hitting & Blocking.”  Also, take a look at more high quality Bond Shymansky DVDs and other world class instructional Volleyball DVDs.

The Complete Guide to Volleyball DVD Series!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We have recently released The Complete Guide to Volleyball Technique, Tactics and Drills.  This volleyball DVD series features Russ Rose, Bond Shymansky, Terry Gamble,  Joe Lynch,  Jim Moore, and Kim Oden

The Complete Guide to Setting: Technique, Tactics & Drills
The Complete Guide to Serving: Technique, Tactics & Drills
The Complete Guide to Passing: Technique, Tactics & Drills
The Complete Guide to Attacking: Technique, Tactics, & Drills
The Complete Guide to Defense: Technique, Tactics, & Drills
The Complete Guide to Blocking: Technique, Tactics & Drills


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