Full-Court Pressure: Complete Roles, Set-Up, and Tips for the “1-2-1-1”

The 1-2-1-1 Diamond Press is an effective full-court pressure system geared towards disrupting your opponent’s offense no matter the personnel on the floor. Follow along as renowned head basketball coach Don Showalter walks through player set-up, movements, and tips for the press. Then, learn about Coach Showalter’s 10 Rules of Pressure Defense so you can […]

Playbook Series: 4 Must-Add Sideline Inbounds Plays That Get Results

In this week’s Playbook Series, pick up a pair of sideline inbounds plays that are must-haves for crucial situations, dead-ball restarts, or any end-of-quarter scenarios. For each play, first follow the step-by-step breakdown before seeing the action simulated live on the hardwood. Got any other sideline inbound plays that have been effective for your team? […]

5 Dynamic Shooting Drills Focusing On the Princeton Offense

Learn from Richmond head men’s basketball coach Chris Mooney as he reveals five shooting drills that are particularly effective for the Princeton Offense. After simulating a three-part cross-court shooting drill, Mooney and company also run through two-foot layups and the full-court drill “And Twos.” Cross-Court Shooting Richmond takes a lot of three-pointers, especially standstill threes […]