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New Release of All Access Basketball DVDs featuring Jim Boeheim and Steve Prohm!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New to our Basketball DVD collection are two All Access sets featuring Jim Boeheim and Steve Prohm.  Coach Boeheim is the Syracuse Men’s Coach and 4x time Big East Coach of the Year.  Coach Prohm is the Murray State Men’s Coach and 3x Ohio Valley Conference Champions.  The titles of these recent Basketball DVDs are:

All Access Syracuse Basketball Practice

  • Learn the drills and principles you need to defend using Jim Boeheim’s 2-3 Zone Defense
  • Improve your team’s quickness and agility while warming up
  • Learn man-to-man drills and concepts to build your team’s overall defensive awareness
  • Develop the ability to score on offense versus both man and zone defenses

All Access Murray State University Basketball Practice

  • Maximize practice time by breaking down your offensive system into drills for to get more quality shots in practice
  • Prepare your team for game day by breaking down your opponent’s favorite actions into 3-on-3 and 2-on-2 drills
  • Limit turnovers, focus on shot selection, run offense, and focus on transition defense through the use of Murray State’s Cincinnati Drill
  • Get the most of your offensive sets and secondary break by using various 5-on-0, 4-on-0, and 5-on-5 breakdown drills that emphasize fundamentals within your offensive sets

For other high quality Basketball instructional DVDs, check out the products below:

Building Blocks of the Pack Line Defense
Mike Anderson: Building an Aggressive Transition Offense
Frank Allocco: Developing the Complete High School Player
The Coach’s Plan for Building a Championship Team
Agnus Berenato: Man-to-Man Defensive Breakdown Drills
Don Showalter: Continuity Ball Screen Offense
Mike Dunlap: 1-1-3 Man Zone Defense
Mike Rice: Warm Up Drills for Practice

One Year Anniversary on Bob Hurley DVDs!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A year ago we released Bob Hurley’s Basketball DVDs and since then he has had an exceptional performance as a coach.  During this time period he passed the 1,000 win mark for his coaching career.  He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010, and selected as National Coach of the Year by USA Today in 1989 and 1996.  Here are the One Year Anniversary Bob Hurley Basketball DVDs:

Bob Hurley: Motion and Zone Offenses

  • Learn how to breakdown the 2-3 zone, 2-3 match-up zone, 1-3-1 zone, and the 1-2-2 zone with multiple looks
  • Discover the importance of attacking any zone defense from behind
  • Maximize your Motion Offense with 10 key concepts to defeat man-to-man defense
  • Bob Hurley: Practice Planning & Program Development

  • Learn practice planning strategies from one of the most successful high school coaches in the country
  • Get a look inside the coaching philosophy, keys to success, and the basketball contract to building a successful program
  • Get a variety of fundamental drills for passing, dribbling, shooting, defense and rebounding
  • Implement and benefit from the same coaching and program philosophies that have made Bob Hurley one of the nation’s elite high school coaches.
  • Bob Hurley: Building a Multiple Defensive System

  • Create a dominating Multiple Defensive System that confuses your opponents
  • Learn four signature presses and traps
  • Implement strategies to shut down your opponent’s best player
  • Bob Hurley: Developing Perimeter Players

  • Develop 3-point range and mid-range jumpers
  • See on-court demonstrations of 11 multi-dimensional drills
  • Drills teach ball handling, passing, shooting, cutting, pick & roll, as well as individual defense and rebounding
  • Purchase any of the above Bob Hurley DVDs and use the code BH38MM to get $10 off each of these discs! Hurry, offer expires by 3/16/2012!

    Eight New Basketball DVDs Featuring College’s Best Coaches and Teams!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    There have been eight new Basketball DVDs recently released.  The DVDs contain high quality coaching instruction from several of the best coaches currently in college basketball.  These eight Basketball DVDs are titled:

    Matt Painter: 15 Plays to Score in Any Situation 

    • Have an effective play ready to score in any situation
    • Over 15 plays to give your team the best chance to win a close game
    • Get game-winning plays for any player on your team

    Seth Greenberg: Attacking Zone Offense and Plays 

    • Get your players in the best positions to beat a zone defense
    • Learn simple ways to attack the 2-3 zone using ball reversals
    • See how to attack a 1-3-1 zone with a two-guard offense

    High Energy Drills for Building Competitive Practices 

    • Learn 11 drills that will make practices more creative, competitive, and energetic
    • Incorporate drills that assign players multiple jobs to simulate game-like conditions
    • Improve your team’s ability to make quick transitions from play-to-play

      Running & Defeating the 2-3 Zone Defense

    • Gain a thorough understanding of the 2-3 Zone Defense
    • Take away the 3-point shot from any offense
    • Teach players how to play against “attacking” and “hang-out” zones
    • Defeat the 2-3 Zone with proven offensive concepts

    Chris Mack: Drills to Build the Pack Line Defense 

    • Create a defensive identity for your team
    • Get drills to build intense ball pressure
    • Learn to play tight post defense

    Running & Defeating the 1-3-1 Zone Defense 

    • Learn how to attack the 1-3-1-zone defense to get quick scores and easy baskets
    • Discover how to stop a zone offense by getting direct passes to score
    • This 1-3-1 defense forces longer passes and makes good spacing much more difficult
    • Dominate any opposing offense or defense with overall mastery of the 1-3-1-zone defense

    Perimeter Drills and Skills for the Pick & Roll Offense 

    • Develop the skills your players need to run the Pick & Roll Offense
    • Learn proper footwork to catch and shoot or attack off of cuts and screens
    • Use chair drills to help break down the offense help players understand spacing and the fundamentals of the offense
    • Develop drills so athletes can compete head to head 2 on 2 or 3 on to develop the skills necessary to run the offense

    Pick and Roll Continuity Offense vs. Man and Zone Defenses 

    • Learn how to use the ball screen offense to create high percentage shots for your bigs and guards
    • Put pressure on your opponent’s defense and create mismatches
    • Utilize the pick and roll in your man and zone offense

    New Basketball DVDs Featuring Mike Krzyzewski!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, November 17, 2011

    There are nine new Basketball DVDs that have been released featuring Mike Krzyzewski.  He is the all time most winningest coach in NCAA Division 1 history.  The nine Basketball DVDs that include high quality instruction from Coach K are:

    All Access Duke Basketball Practice (2010-11)
    All Access Duke Basketball Practice: National Championship Season (2009-10)
    All Access Duke Basketball Practice with Mike Krzyzewski
    Mike Krzyzewski: Duke Basketball – Developmental Drills for Post Players
    Mike Krzyzewski: Duke Basketball – Agility & Conditioning Drills for Defense
    Mike Krzyzewski: Duke Basketball – Developmental Drills for Point Guards
    Mike Krzyzewski: Duke Basketball – Developmental Drills for Perimeter Players
    Mike Krzyzewski: Duke Basketball – Attacking the Zone
    Mike Krzyzewski: Duke Basketball – Breaking the Press

    New All-Access Basketball Practice Featuring the USA Coaching Staff!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

    We have recently released a Basketball DVD series featuring the USA coaching staff.  The USA coaching staff is preparing the team for the FIBA U16 Championship.  This new seven disc set of All-Access Basketball DVDs is titled:

    All Access USA Basketball Practice 

    • Get an inside look into the U16 USA Basketball Team as they build a team from the ground up in an effort to solidify a world championship
    • Learn the 1-4 High Pick & Roll Offense with breakdown drills and counters
    • Build the 2-2-1 Press with all the rotations, adjustments, and defensive drills
    • Learn how the USA coaching staff builds team chemistry and a culture of winning

    View more DVDs from Mike Jones and Don Showalter below:

    All Access DeMatha Catholic High School Basketball Practice                                                                                                              
    The DeMatha Fast Break                                                                                                                                     
    Building the DeMatha Team Defense                                                                                                                               
    Mike Jones: The DeMatha Flex Offense                                                                                                                
    Don Showalter: Full Court Trapping Defensive System                                                                                                                            
    Don Showalter: Getting the Most out of Your Practice Sessions


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