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New Basketball DVDs featuring Tim McClellan, Dana Altman, Tim Jankovich, Don Showalter!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, June 8, 2012

We have recently released 8 Basketball DVDs to help improve all aspects of your team’s game.  These DVDs contain instruction from Tim McClellan, Dana Altman, Tim Jankovich, Don Showalter.  The titles of these new Basketball DVDs are:

Becoming a Champion Basketball Player: Off Season Strength & Conditioning

  • Tim McClellan has trained NBA and NFL athletes and over a dozen Olympic Gold Medalists
  • Create basketball specific workouts that develop good balance, quick feet and season-long durability
  • Learn to incorporate agility training, neurological training, and plyometric training into your warm-up
  • Incorporate various resistance band exercises to improve reaction time
  • See how to teach the 3-2 zone in segments, using position specific breakdown drills
  • Learn to adjust your zone to different situations and personnel match-ups
  • Learn various methods of defending the low post, such as triple traps, dive down & bluff, and more
  • Learn the philosophy and drills Coach Altman uses to increase his team’s toughness and competitiveness
  • Find out how to set the tone for a successful practice through rebounding and defensive drill work
  • Improve your team’s conditioning using full court drills that emphasize executing when fatigued
  • Get pre-practice shooting & warm-up drills for small groups of players to maximize shooting reps
  • Use man offense principles to flow into your zone offense attack
  • Learn to cut underneath a zone and become difficult to guard
  • Learn to emphasize screening angles to create scramble situations, miscommunication and uncertainty of assignments for the defense
  • Learn how to alter the movements to play against an odd guard front zone
  • Get a number of quick hitters against the zone to get the ball to the hot shooter
  • Learn 5 cuts to create space and a read progression for coming off of screens–you can’t score if you can’t get open
  • Exploit holes in the defense with speed, footwork and quick offensive strikes
  • Use a 4 on 4 shell drill to train your athletes to beat the zone
  • Learn what a defensive stance should look like and why!
  • Learn how to defend the down screen against a star shooter
  • Learn how to defend the screen and roll using “show and recover” tactics, rather than switching which creates match-up problems
  • Coach Lockes’ 8 Stage Developmental Warm-Up Drill used by NBA players to develop footwork, positioning, shot fakes, rip-throughs, etc. while developing muscle memory with each hand
  • Learn how to be strong with the ball, ignore fouls and effectively drive to the rim
  • Improve the little things in your game: Change of direction speed, backpedaling, defensive slides, jumping and landing and more!
  • Develop a go-to move and a counter to keep the defense guessing
  • Learn to shoot the ball effectively when receiving a pass or off the dribble
  • Build the skills you need to win the battle on the glass
  • Learn the screening angle that is the hardest to defend–and why


Brand New Basketball DVDs featuring Bo Kimble, Fran Dunphy, and Mike Dunlap!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, May 21, 2012

Here we have just released five new Basketball DVDs that include instruction from Bo Kimble, Fran Dunphy, and Mike Dunlap.  Bo Kimble is a former NBA player, Fran Dunphy is the 2012 A-10 Coach of the Year, and Mike Dunlap is a 2x NABC Division II Coach of the Year.  The titles of these new Basketball DVD are:

All Access Temple Basketball Practice

  • Learn how to run a mid season practice that devotes almost equal time reviewing your team’s offense and defense, while getting ready for an opponent’s offense and defense
  • See how the Temple staff conducts in-season film scouting
  • Use controlled scrimmages as an important part of practice

Basketball in the Fast Lane

  • Turn all five of your players into scoring threats in this up-tempo scheme
  • Learn a continuous fast-paced offensive system that allows teams with less talent to win games against favored opponents
  • Get breakdown drills that emphasize the various odd-numbered fast break opportunities that will become prevalent on game days
  • Learn numerous quick-striking offensive options that can work against any kind of full court pressure
  • Force your opponent to take quick shots and make poor decisions
  • See three different variations of full-court pressure that force the ball into dead end traps
  • Learn how to maintain the press after missed shots and trap late in transition

 Basketball in the Fast Lane – Strength and Conditioning Drills

  • Create an effective workout without a weight room
  • Get the tools you need to build high performance athletes
  • Use interval training to achieve peak performance in the off-season

Encyclopedia of the 1-1-3 Match-up Zone Defense

  • Learn the technical aspects to developing a smothering 1-1-3 Match-up Zone defense
  • Eliminate gaps in the zone by having five players guarding the ball at all times
  • Teach your defense to jump to the ball during the pass
  • Get rebound strategies for the zone defense
  • Train your athletes to be comfortable pressuring the basketball and playing against pressure defense
  • Includes an 18 page PDF document

New Basketball Instruction featuring Kevin Boyle!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We have just released two Basketball DVDs featuring Kevin Boyle.  He was the  2010-11 Naismith National High School Boys Basketball Coach of the Year.  The titles of these two new Basketball DVDs are:

All Access Basketball Practice with Kevin Boyle

  • Utilize build up drills to teach your team how to run transition offense
  • Learn a wide variety drills you can use to train fundamentals to ensure your team is operating at its highest level
  • Guard- and post-specific drills you can use every day in practice
  • Teach your defense how to successfully play against any type of move the offense makes

Complete Package for Man & Zone Offense

  • See great examples of how to breakdown game situations into repetitive drills and individual player development.
  • Learn drills to work on penetrating the paint in a breakdown format
  • Get a plethora of set plays to run versus man and zone defenses

Purchase both of these two DVDs together as the Kevin Boyle 2-Pack, and save $10!

Kevin Boyle: How to Win with Undersized Players
Kevin Boyle: Running a Competitive High School Practice
Kevin Boyle: Drill Package for High School Practice
Kevin Boyle: Offensive Strategies to Attack the 2-3 and 1-3-1 Zones
Kevin Boyle: Drills for Building a Man-to-Man Defensive Shell

Excellent Basketball DVDs featuring Matt Bollant!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our newest Basketball DVDs feature Matt Bollant and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  He is a 4x Horizon League Coach of the Year, and the 2011 Kay Yow Coach of the Year.  The titles of these recent Basketball DVD additions are:

All Access Basketball Practice with Matt Bollant

  • See a live practice that will improve your team’s focus and competitiveness
  • Learn the “Rapid Fire” shooting drill that incorporates shooting, passing, cutting and screening into one drill
  • Teach your team to play fast by drilling 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 full court
  • Create practices that are mentally and physically tough on your players in order to prepare them for games

 Breakdown Drills to Build Your Motion Offense

  • Create a precise, fast-flowing motion offense
  • Learn to use mini-clinics to build the essential skills required to run motion offense
  • Get five effective sets to score easy baskets against any man defense
  • Features National Coach of the Year Matt Bollant

Secondary Break and Early Offense

  • Learn to score before defense can get set
  • Make your post players scoring threats even in the full court game
  • Gain conditioning benefits while reinforcing offensive concepts at game speed

Purchase the Wisconsin-Green Bay Offense 3-Pack and save $15!



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