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Develop Your Footwork for a Stronger Attack!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Anne Kordes, University of Louisville Head Coach, breaks down attacking fundamentals by beginning with teaching proper “dynamic footwork.” Coach Kordes emphasizes the importance of efficient footwork mechanics in setting the athlete up in a position to create vertical leap from their momentum. 

Approach Footwork

She takes athletes through a 3 step progression which teaches athletes how to use their entire body to generate both precision and power.

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Unique Approach Drill to Develop Stronger Attackers!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, January 10, 2014

University of Louisville Head Coach, Anne Kordes, shows you a unique approach drill in this clip. Players will approach the ball, swing and miss, then head the ball over the net. This allows your athletes to work on their full approach.

Full Approach Exercise

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Develop Stronger Attacks by Improving Your Player’s Movements!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, December 6, 2013

Kevin Hambly is the University of Illinois Head Coach and his team was the 2011 NCAA Runners-up. Coach Hambly will help your attackers develop confidence in their movements by showing them how to rotate and jump properly.

You Go, I Throw

This exercise is part of a progression which is discussed in the full DVD.

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Keep Your Opponent’s Defense on their Toes with These Attacking Concepts!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, November 8, 2013

Learn three different types of attacks in this segment that you can use to frustrate the opponent’s defense. Former U.S. national team player, Lizzy Stemke, provides you with tips which will also increase the power in your attacking hits.

Key Concepts for the Attack

The three ways your hand can contact the ball is: high snap, cross body, and wrist away. It is also important to get in the frame position at the start of your attacking move.

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