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Become a More Streamline Swimmer for Improved Times!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, October 31, 2013

In this unique drill to teach the importance of “flat streamlining”, the proper movement and body alignment are emphasized here. The swimmer utilizes the technique of “upside-down underwater” breaststroke swimming with tips from 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Assistant Coach, Frank Busch.

Using the techniques presented will increase your distance per stroke.

Watch and learn more valuable tips from an additional clip of Fast Lane Breaststroke. See other high quality Breaststroke Videos in our massive Swimming DVD collection!

Undulation Drills to Complete Your Breaststroke Form!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, September 27, 2013

Understand the importance of the sometimes forgotten aspect of the breaststroke, which is undulation. Frank Busch of the University of Arizona coaching staff, has his swimmer show you drills to emphasize correct undulation, start to finish.

Viewing this clip will inform you on the mental concept and the physical feeling of “rolling over the barrel” at the end of the undulation.

Watch and learn more valuable tips from an additional clip of Fast Lane Breaststroke. See other high quality Breaststroke Videos in our massive Swimming DVD collection!

Perfect Each Stroke with our New Mega Drills Swimming Series!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, August 5, 2013

Watch and learn stroke and dryland training from Coley Stickel, who has experience coaching collegiate and olympic level athletes. Every swimmer on your team can benefit from the instruction and demonstration presented in these 5 new Swimming videos. Check out details on each product below:

Mega Drills for Freestyle

Mega Drills for Freestyle

  • More than 20 drills and variation that enhance all critical areas of the freestyle
  • See how to vary drill complexity from single focus to multi-dimensional
  • Learn the latest techniques to enhance your swimmers’ feel for establishing a solid catch position
  • See drills that reinforce balance while increasing stroke efficiency in the water



Mega Drills for Backstroke

Mega Drills for Backstroke

  • Over 18 drills and variations that reflect the most current techniques being used by world class backstrokers
  • Learn multi-faceted drills that train multiple segments of the stroke simultaneously
  • Better engage your backstrokers with fun new drills that require thinking and focus!



Mega Drills for Breaststroke

Mega Drills for Breaststroke

  • Over 25 drills and variations that work on hand speed, proper body position and the timing of the stroke
  • Learn techniques and drills that enhance the feel for water
  • Improve timing and balance while increasing efficiency in the water
  • New and creative drills that will challenge athletes to learn about their stroke through segment awareness



Mega Drills for Butterfly

Mega Drills for Butteryfly

  • Learn more than 20 unique, fun, and creative drills for teaching an efficient butterfly stroke
  • Learn drills for effectively training stroke timing, body positioning and balance
  • Discover never-before-seen drills that challenge the athlete to learn about their own stroke through stroke segment awareness



Mega Drills for Dryland Training

Mega Drills for Dryland Training

  • Over 50 dynamic dryland exercises to increase your team’s overall strength and explosiveness
  • Learn how to create variations of traditional exercises that engage the core and increase athleticism
  • Learn how to develop total body strength by incorporating total body movements with minimal equipment


Design a Step-by-Step Throws Program That Will Improve Your Athletes!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We have recently released two Track & Field DVDs to work on your throws.  These videos contain instruction from some of the best throwing coaches around.  Become more powerful to increase the distance of your athletes’ throws in future meets.

The Big Throws System

  • Discover an excellent teaching progression to help athletes connect the various movements of the rotational shot put and discus
  • Use the Six C’s concept to make this complex set of movements easier to teach and learn
  • Develop strategies to improve your performance at meets

Mega Drills for the Shot Put

  • Build an easy-to-teach drill progression to help athletes connect the various movements of both the glide and rotational shot put
  • Over 25 strength and form drills to build explosive power into your throwers
  • Create coaching cues to help your athletes understand position, balance, and feel within each key position


All Access Baseball DVD featuring Mike Woods!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, August 13, 2012

Watch and learn from 3x Arizona High School State Championship Coach, Mike Woods!  He is the Hamilton (AZ) HS Head Coach and gives you an all access look at his program.  Check out this new Baseball DVD right here:

All Access High School Baseball Practice with Mike Woods

  • Incorporate dynamic stretching with game-related movements into your practices
  • See how Woods’ organizes his practices so that every position (pitcher, catcher, infielder and outfielder) gets position-specific work
  • Discover a unique throwing program that works position-specific throws and throwing on the move into each practice
  • Get a better jump on the ball and steal more bases using Wood’s Vault Base Running Drill

Like what you see? Then check out these other great All Access Baseball DVDs below:

All Access TCU Baseball Practice
All Access Mississippi State Baseball Practice with John Cohen
All Access Baseball Practice with Ed Servais
All Access Baylor Baseball Practice


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