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Get Better in Off-Season with these 12 Excellent Basketball DVDs!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, July 20, 2012

Here we have a nice collection of Basketball DVDs that can help you and your during the off-season.  Get tips on offense, defense, full court press, half court press, special situations, and conditioning.  You will learn from some of the nation’s top high school, college, and professional basketball coaches.  See all the Basketball DVDs that you can use to become a better coach or player in off-season:

The Diamond Full Court Press

  • Pressure your opponent into poor shot selection and turnovers
  • Implement a series of daily drills aimed at developing the three levels of the press (front line, middle and back line)
  • Use these drills to build an attacking, aggressive trapping defense
  • Your team will learn handle pressure and traps in a game since they see it every day in practice

Winning Late Game Situations and Coaching Tips

  • Learn how and why to trap on your opponent’s inbounds passes
  • Confuse your opponents with a defense that morphs from zone to man
  • Steal offensive rebounds with a simple foul shooting play
  • Late game inbounds plays to win the game from half-court and full-court

Contain and Contest Man-to-Man Defense

  • Teach your players how to defend any type of screening action
  • Make shooters take contested shots without giving up drives
  • Use your defensive stance to deny sight lines, passing lanes and driving lanes

Contain and Contest Man-to-Man Defense

  • Teach your players how to defend any type of screening action
  • Make shooters take contested shots without giving up drives
  • Use your defensive stance to deny sight lines, passing lanes and driving lanes

3-2 Zone Defense

  • See how to teach the 3-2 zone in segments, using position specific breakdown drills
  • Learn to adjust your zone to different situations and personnel match-ups
  • Learn various methods of defending the low post, such as triple traps, dive down & bluff, and more

Installing the Dribble Drive Motion Offense

  • Build an attacking offense that will create shots at the rim or wide open 3-point shots
  • Learn drills and procedures to install the Dribble Drive System logically and strategically so that players understand the purpose and flow
  • Get counters to the basic movements and make your offense almost impossible to scout
  • Understand how to adjust the system to deal with defensive adjustments

Full Court Trapping System and Breakdown Drills

  • Create possessions by speeding up your opponent’s offense to create turnovers
  • Learn a trapping defensive system that will leave your opponent exhausted
  • Get a man-to-man run and jump press that will have your opponents on their heels with every pass
  • Learn how to shut down your opponent’s best player with a “face and double-face” press attacking your opponents weakest ball handler

Perimeter Development for the 4-Out1-In Motion Offense

  • Improve the continuity and spacing in your motion offense
  • Get all five players moving in the half court to create five offensive threats
  • Use player’s natural movement to gain offensive advantages

Quick Hitters and Baseline Out of Bounds Plays for Zone Offense

  • Get quick hitters that will create great scoring opportunities out of a dribble option
  • Teach your players to sell their actions to create scoring opportunities around the basket
  • Implement quick hitter plays out of multiple offensive sets to score quickly against any zone defense
  • Learn how to use your man-to-man offensive actions inside quick hitting zone options

1-3-1 Half Court Pressure Defense

  • Learn when to spring your half court press to keep your opponents on their heels and change the pace of the game
  • Learn how to handle cutters that can disrupt the pressure
  • Get a variety of drills to teach the key concepts of this defense
  • Gain a mental advantage over your opponent on defense

Individual & Team Drills for Building a Transition Offense

  • Score easy baskets and keep your players engaged with an effective transition offense
  • Implement “Machine Gun Practices” to train for a transition style offense
  • Learn variations of traditional, fundamental drills to install an electric transition offense
  • Train your players to push the ball on offense even if you don’t have the most athletic team

Drills for Implementing Fast-Paced Transition Offense and Defense

  • Develop quicker transitions from offense to defense and vice-versa
  • Train your athletes to make quick decisions on both ends of the floor
  • Learn to play when the numbers are against you–and still be effective
  • Get tips to limit your fouls while staying aggressive on defense


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