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Develop Speed and Agility in Your Lacrosse Players!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rob Rose of True Athlete Performance shares the tools you need to better evaluate your players’ performance with tests that isolate specific abilities. This drill is a way to measure the agility and speed of players. It can be used especially with offensive players to develop their ability to move quickly and change direction in order to create space or dodge a defender.

Roundabout Drill

How it Works: This drill utilizes four cones; two for the start, one five yards up and five yards over, and a fourth, five yards over and five yards back, so that you end with a triangle shape. The athlete begins at the two cones. The timing begins upon the athletes’ first forward movement. They sprint to and around the middle cone, sprint to and around the far cone, from an inside-out direction. They sprint back around the top-middle cone and then finish by running back between the two starting line cones.

Drill Tips: For testing an athlete’s time, only one set up would be needed. But for training purposes, you could run the drill with several setups at the same time so that your entire team could have multiple reps in a short amount of time.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Testing and Evaluation for Lacrosse Players.” To view the latest video selections on Strength & Conditioning, CLICK HERE.

All-Access Workout: Agility & Conditioning Training with Stanford Lacrosse

By adam.warner - Last updated: Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes look, we visit Stanford, California for a recent strength and conditioning session with the Stanford University women’s lacrosse team. Watch as Stanford sports performance coordinator Lesley Moser leads the team through a variety of agility and conditioning drills designed to improve quickness, acceleration, and cutting – three key areas that can make a huge difference out on the lacrosse field. 

Agility Workout – Part I

In the following exercises, players spread out along a designated line on the lacrosse field. You will also notice a number of cones set up in front of the players about five yards apart to designate boundaries in each drill.

Left Shuffle – Shuffle out for five yards and then shuffle back. Stay low at all times and don’t bounce on the shuffle. Your toes should always be facing forward (as well as your knees and shoulders).

Right Shuffle – This exercise is basically the same as before, but this time players will shuffle on the right side for five yards and then come back. Be sure to get a good slide. Also, make sure your feet stay apart and don’t come together.

Crossover Skip – This time go out 10 yards and then come back. As for the crossover skip motion, players will want to crossover with one leg before immediately going back up with the second leg.

Carioca – Head out 15 yards and then come back. Be sure to let the knee drive the hips with this motion.

Agility Workout – Part II

Next up in the circuit will be a series of side shuffles using mini hurdles. These are truly some effective exercises that really challenge athletes from start to finish.

Left to Right Hurdle Side Shuffle – Using the mini hurdles, players will move quickly back and forth while pausing on each end of the hurdles. Knees and toes should be up in front of you at all times. As you get to the outside, pause and hold. Hold there until your coach gives you the okay to continue. Go three times each way and then switch.

Drill Tips: Stay low while driving the knees toward the chest. Look to maintain fast arms and fast feet throughout.

Left to Right Hurdle Side Shuffle – This time look to go down and back before pausing. Before you were pausing on each end of the hurdles. Now if you’re starting on the right side of the hurdles, you’ll end up pausing on the right side. Try to be as fast as you can off the outside.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “All Access Agility and Conditioning Workout for Lacrosse.” To check out Coach Moser’s original team agility workout from last summer, click here.

3 Exceptional Drills to Improve Your Quickness/First Step

By adam.warner - Last updated: Tuesday, March 12, 2013

For many lacrosse players across the country, mid-March means its preseason time, a period to get prepared and conditioned for the regular season. To work on that first step and improve your overall quickness this spring, look to implement these dynamic conditioning drills led by renowned fitness expert Rob Rose

Ball Drops

The following drills focus on proper form and technique of a linear first step. You can eventually progress to angles and lateral movement from here, but the first drill we cover is a good launching point.

The goal: Be as efficient as you possibly can. If you can’t do this on a hard surface like a basketball court, you probably won’t be able to use hard balls and may have to go with using your hands. In terms of equipment, look to use two lacrosse balls.

Set 1: Ready Position

Start in a nice low ready position. Your feet should be side by side and wider than shoulder width. You should always be on the balls of your feet. Goal: Get the ball before it bounces twice. The goal for the coaches is to challenge the players. Make sure that the players don’t step back when accelerating to catch the ball.

The coach should bounce the ball. As soon as he/she does, the players are off and getting to the ball quick. Accelerate out and go through. Do not step back. While it may seem quicker, it’s inefficient. Instead, try a drop and push technique. As you get better at it, you will get quicker. Get a quick arm snap too.

Tip: Make your first step a small one. Otherwise, you will be off balance and won’t have the power for your second.

Set 2: Rapid Fire

Now it’s time to really challenge your players. When in ready position, have your players move their feet quickly (while in place) before accelerating to the ball.

Set 3: 180’s

Stay with the rapid fire, but now let’s get into a 180 position. Every time the coach yells “TIME,” the players will turn and do a 180. After doing it straight on, move into 180s at an angle.

Look to perform this drill at a distance of 5-7 yards

Tip: If you don’t have any balls or a hard surface available, then make the goal for each player to get to the hand of the coach before the other player does. Go two players at a time.

The previous workouts are featured in Championship Productions’ DVD “Complete Conditioning for Lacrosse” featuring Rob Rose. To check out more videos featuring lacrosse drills and exercises, click here.

12 Simple Drills to Improve Player Agility

By adam.warner - Last updated: Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Many of our features this summer focus on helpful tips, workouts and drills that players can use during the offseason – no matter if they have access to a lacrosse field or not. When it comes to getting the body prepared for the rigors of the lacrosse season, there are a number of useful drills and workouts players can turn to.

In this week’s player development feature, we highlight 12 easy drills to improve agility. The drills — led by renowned strength & conditioning coach Alan Stein — are easy to implement and only require a few cones. Then, see how your hard work pays off for the upcoming season when you have an added advantage on the competition.

Agility Workout Background

Agility is defined as the ability to start, stop, and change direction at full speed. It’s important in every sport. It’s also key to be able to react at a split second, whether it’s for a ball or reacting to an opponent’s move. When working on changing direction, it’s also important to key in on footwork, body balance, and the ability to accelerate and decelerate effectively.

Key Coaching Points:

1)    Change direction from a low, athletic stance

2)    Keep your feet wide and your hips low

3)    Use shorter, choppier steps when decelerating and keep the hips low

4)    When accelerating, have a slight lean in the direction you want to go

5)    Plant using a T-step, which is perpendicular to the direction you want to go

6)    Practice planting off of both ankles equally

Drill 1: 135 Degree Angle Cut Right

One at a time, start in the center (let’s say at the baseline of a basketball court) and then sprint to the center cone (set out at the foul line). For now, do everything to the right. Going to the right, we will plant off of our left foot heading into the first cone with slow deceleration, and then proceed to get the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders facing the next cone. Sprint directly at the next cone and run right through it.

Drill 2: 90 Degree Angle Cut Right

This drill is the same as before, except now we are cutting at 90 degrees. Plant with the left and go right.

Drill 3: 45 Degree Angle Cut Left

Again, this is the same as before, except now we are cutting at 45 degrees (diagonal but more backwards this time).

Drill 4: Right Cut Combinations (Coach’s Call)

A coach will now call out a number as a player is approaching the center cone. 1 is for the top, 2 is for the middle and 3 is for down low. Do the same as before in terms of your cuts.

Drill 5: 135 Degree Angle Cut Left

Remember go hard to the center cone, decelerate, plant with the right foot, and then sprint straight over at a 135-degree angle.

Drill 6: 90 Degree Angle Cut Left

Remember, plant with the right and go left this time.

Drill 7: 45 Degree Angle Cut Left

You’ll be cutting almost backwards on a diagonal.

Drill 8: Left Cut Combination – Coach’s Call

Call out the same numbers as before.


Drill 9: Agility Square

Each player starts out in a different corner. Meanwhile, each player will do something different at the same time. The first player will sprint, turn and face the outside, touch the next cone, turn back, sprint again, and then touch the other cone with the left hand, turn back again, and then give a nice easy jog back to the near corner where the other player started out from.

The second player will sprint and then backpedal with the cones. Also, the third player will sprint to the cones but slide back (like a shuffle). The players will go through the same motions even when they get to the next corner. When players get to the next set, they should start things up again immediately.


Drills 10-12: Wheel Sprint Series

This is similar to the agility square, but now players will go around a wheel established with the cones. Basically, it’s a circle of cones set 3-4 yards apart. There are about eight cones on the outside and one in the middle where the player starts out.

You can go clockwise or counter clockwise, but you must go around the horn. Start with sprints and touch each cone, then sprint and do side shuffles back, following by sprints and backpedals to each cone.


The follow clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “130 Pro Power Speed, Quickness, and Reaction Drills” with Alan Stein. Check out the entire collection featuring renowned strength and conditioning coach Alan Stein by clicking here.


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