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Defend the Collar Tie with this Effective Technique!

By dustin.moscoso - Last updated: Friday, August 1, 2014

In this segment, 4X All-American Eric Akin demonstrates one of his best techniques as a competitor: the slide by or shrug. This effective technique will help you defend the collar tie.

Slide By

First, put your fist on your own chest and your forearm behind his arm above the elbow. Next, step outside on the collar tie side. Turn your head away from your opponent. Then shrug, draw a rainbow with your forearm, turn your body as you do so. Finish the move by covering if he goes down to his knees or with a lift and return if he does not. To set up this technique, over-hook the collar tie forearm and pull down as you back pedal.

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Work on the “Stand Up” to Escape from Your Opponent!

By dustin.moscoso - Last updated: Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In this escape sequence on the mat, 4x All-American Eric Akin has his youth wrestlers demonstrate the “Stand Up.” One of the essentials here is for the foot to get posted out in front.

Stand Up

From the start position, it is essential that the foot come out as a post. Freeze the athletes here and emphasize pushing back and getting the foot posted out in front. From this one knee down and the foot out position, the wrestler will need to push back off the posted foot to get to his feet.

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Maintain a High Tempo Practice with the “Line Drill!”

By dustin.moscoso - Last updated: Tuesday, July 1, 2014

University of Wisconsin La-Crosse Head Coach, Dave Malecek, illustrates the “Line Drill” that allows coaches to check the team’s understanding of different concepts and techniques quickly and easily. It will teach wrestlers to keep moving because there is no particular resting spot.

Line Drill

This is also a flexible drill because almost any set of moves could be used.

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Score More Points Using these 2-on-1 Tilts!

By dustin.moscoso - Last updated: Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Former U.S. Olympian, Ken Chertow, shows multiple “2-on-1 tilts” to turn an opponent. You can utilize these turns to score a lot of points from the top position.

2 on 1 Tilts

There are three different tilts shown here that wrestlers can use.

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A Safe and Easy Single Leg Scramble Drill for Your Wrestlers!

By dustin.moscoso - Last updated: Tuesday, July 1, 2014

University of Virginia Head Coach, Steve Garland, demonstrates a fun scramble exercise called the Low Single Leg Scramble Drill. This drill gets your wrestlers fighting out of a bad position and puts them in position to score. It is an easy and safe drill for your wrestlers.

Low Single Leg Scramble Drill

Your wrestlers will get comfortable with defending a low single leg attack by going on the attack immediately.

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