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Get Bigger, Stronger, Faster with 7 New Strength Training Videos!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, September 30, 2013

Here we have new strength training featuring Andrea Hudy, University of Kansas Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance. She is the only female strength and conditioning coach in Men’s D-I Basketball and has a variety exercises that will help you become an overall better athlete.

Strength Training for Female Athletes

Strength Training for Female Athletes

  • Discover a simple to understand and implement workout program that produces strong, well-conditioned athletes
  • Get 45 drills that are can be used in five workout programs
  • Learn how to lower the difficulty level of certain exercises until athletes are strong enough to properly perform the technique
  • Features Andrea Hudy, the only female strength and conditioning coach in men’s Division I basketball



Speed, Agility and Quickness for Female Athletes

Speed, Agility and Quickness for Female Athletes

  • 40 speed and agility drills – including ballistic stretches – that will make your athletes more agile and more explosive
  • Add a competitive aspect to your speed and agility training
  • Effectively condition your athletes to give them a competitive advantage
  • Features Andrea Hudy, the only female strength and conditioning coach in men’s Division I basketball



Barry Kagan’s Sport Performance Preparation Series contains all the tools necessary to take athletes to the next level in their athletic pursuits. The five part video series contains nearly 15 hours of footage and over 70 files of bonus materials that can guide an athlete from the start of off-season preparation to the completion of post-season play.

Barry Kagan’s Sport Performance Preparation Series

Sport Performance Preparation: Next Level Strength Training - A Real Time WorkoutSport Performance Preparation: Strength Training to Take You to the Next LevelSport Performance Preparation: Injury Prevention - 100 Prehab Drills to Keep Athletes in the GameSport Performance Preparation: Fit, Fast & Flexible - Drills for Year-Round Performance TrainingSport Performance Preparation: Expanded Teaching Methods for the Non-Strength Coach


Learn How to Build a Winning Team & Coach…The Right Way!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why is that you see the same teams and programs in the spotlight year after year, contending and winning titles time after time? “Success leaves clues,” according to Eliot Smith. “Forget about the scoreboard, if you want to be the best coach that your kids have ever had, then teach your players and teams those winning qualities that will last with them for the rest of their life.”

For the past 25 years, Coach Smith has been teaching these qualities to the boys and girls at Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco. You will get to go behind the scenes and see first hand what these winning qualities are in this excellent Performance Training DVD:

Champions Find a Way!

  • Create a positive and caring program environment that gets the most out of your players and gives them the courage to “put their foot in the circle”
  • Evaluate your personal coaching and teaching philosophy in order to visualize a bigger and better picture of your program and its values
  • Instill the championship attitude into your players – champions find a way

Take a look at other Coaching Essential DVDs!

Gain Mental Toughness with Spencer Wood and Brian Cain!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, July 16, 2012

See how you strengthen your team’s mental toughness with some new Baseball Training DVDs featuring Spencer Wood and Brian Cain.  Spencer Wood, PhD, MS, BA, BS, Member AASP, is the President of Icebox Athlete and has years of experience working with top college athletes.  Brian Cain, Sport Psychology Consultant, is a former college baseball coach and adjunct professor of sport psychology.  Check out these Baseball Training DVDs called:

Essential Mental Toughness for 21st Century Baseball

  • A lack of mental toughness is guaranteed to cost you a championship
  • Learn the importance of the Four Cs of Peak Performance and the skills and drills you can apply to ensure you players are performing their best when it counts the most
  • Discover how players’ confidence affects their ability to play – even more so than their talent level
  • Teach your athletes to control their mind between pitches in order to play more consistently under pressure
  • Get 45 baseball drills to train and improve your team’s mental conditioning
  • Learn the 5-4-3-2-1 pre-practice routine used by many of the top Division-I baseball programs in the country
  • Learn how you can adjust your everyday batting practice routine to take it to the next level
  • Discover how to handle game adversity so that it doesn’t effect the rest of the game
  • Implement 4RIP3 and guide your players through the mental ups and downs of a season
  • Learn to read the physical signs of your players’ mental states
  • Create processes that lead your players into competition with a “locked in” mentality
  • Learn how you and your players can have laser-like focus–even when you “don’t feel like it”
  • Learn how to incorporate mental conditioning into your daily practice routine
  • Get tools to limit distractions and help athletes perform their best
  • See how D-1 programs incorporate breathing processes into their daily routines to help overcome adversity

Stay in the game with Gayle Hatch, Joe Stolzer, and Staffan Elgelid!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, April 23, 2012

Check out these Training DVDs featuring Gayle Hatch, Joe Stolzer, and Staffan Elgelid.  This will help your athletes develop stronger mental, physical, and emotional traits.   The names of these Training DVDs are:

Teaching the Fundamentals of Olympic Lifts

  • Improve the explosive power, speed, absolute strength and the muscular endurance of your team
  • Learn the necessary progression for teaching the Olympic lifts and the importance of progressing through the lifts to build a proper workout
  • Learn safety techniques to reduce weight room injuries
  • Get an easy and effective warm-up program to manage and organize your workout with efficiency

“SmartCore” Training

  • Improve functional movement through controlled mobility of the lumbar spine and pelvis
  • Improve overall athletic performance while greatly reducing risk of injury
  • Easy to follow, effective instruction

15 Exercises to Prevent ACL Injuries

  • Keep your players in the game!
  • Learn to condition athletes to prevent ACL injuries
  • Correct running, cutting and jumping form to promote injury prevention

Take a look at more Training DVDs to help your athletes stay in the game!

Staying in the Game: Combating Coach Burnout
Staying in the Game: Combating Athlete Burnout
Winning the Mental Moments: Developing Team Toughness in the Clutch!
Staying in Control in Pressure Situations: Developing Mental Toughness in the Clutch!
The Icebox Ultimate Mental Skills & Toughness Training Pack
Tough Topics, Practical Solutions: Tips for Creating Safe & Healthy Relationships in Sports

Shop Our Peformance Training SUMMER SALE!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shop our performance training summer sale! Take advantage of this summer by training and preparing like a champion!

Over 60 best-selling DVDs on sale for $25 when purchasing four (4) or more select DVDs!

Performance Training DVD Sale

Use promo code PT425GD at checkout. Hurry- sale ends July 1, 2011!



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