Get Bigger, Stronger, Faster with 7 New Strength Training Videos!

Here we have new strength training featuring Andrea Hudy, University of Kansas Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance. She is the only female strength and conditioning coach in Men’s D-I Basketball and has a variety exercises that will help you become an overall better athlete. Strength Training for Female Athletes Discover a simple to understand […]

Gain Mental Toughness with Spencer Wood and Brian Cain!

See how you strengthen your team’s mental toughness with some new Baseball Training DVDs featuring Spencer Wood and Brian Cain.  Spencer Wood, PhD, MS, BA, BS, Member AASP, is the President of Icebox Athlete and has years of experience working with top college athletes.  Brian Cain, Sport Psychology Consultant, is a former college baseball coach and adjunct professor […]

Stay in the game with Gayle Hatch, Joe Stolzer, and Staffan Elgelid!

Check out these Training DVDs featuring Gayle Hatch, Joe Stolzer, and Staffan Elgelid.  This will help your athletes develop stronger mental, physical, and emotional traits.   The names of these Training DVDs are: Teaching the Fundamentals of Olympic Lifts Improve the explosive power, speed, absolute strength and the muscular endurance of your team Learn the necessary […]