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2 New Golf Videos to Lower Your Scores!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Master your short game shots and lower scores on your future rounds with featuring Jimmy Stobs, Barry University Head Men’s Golf Coach! In 2013, Coach Stobs led his team to a NCAA Division II National Championship title. Now, learn competitive games to use in practice to help your golfers reduce strokes on the course.

Coaching the Golf Swing


  • Learn tips and techniques to master any shot from inside 120 yards


  • Overcome poor drives and errant approach shots


  • Discover how to correct common flaws in the short game


  • Learn how to be more confident in club selection – and on the green






Coaching the Golf Swing




  • Learn on-course drills that address common areas where golfers struggle, such as course management, creating scoring opportunities, and focus


  • Learn four fun and challenging games that will help lower scores


  • Discover a creative game that will trains players to “play smart golf”







Purchase the Jimmy Stobbs Coaching Golf 2-Pack and SAVE $5!

New Golf Video featuring 5X NCAA Championship Coach, Dan Brooks!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, December 16, 2013

Join five-time Women’s National Championship Coach, Dan Brooks of Duke University as he goes through Full Swing Technique Drills. Coach Brooks provides detailed analysis of the keys to a good golf swing. Shave strokes off your score with this exceptional Golf DVD!

Coaching the Golf Swing


  • Learn the basic fundamentals of the golf swing

  • See a golf lesson from start to finish

  • Discover how to best use video analysis to correct swing flaws

  • Understand how much strength and conditioning for golf can improve performance




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Let Mickelson Improve Your Golf Game!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Monday, February 21, 2011

Improve your Golf game with high-quality instruction featuring Tina Mickelson!

Becoming a Champion: Tips and Drills to Perfect Your Full Swing

Becoming a Champion: The Complete Guide to the Short Game

Becoming a Champion: Errors and Corrections for the Short Game

Becoming a Champion: The Complete Guide to the Full Swing

Tina Mickelson is a PGA Class A Golf Professional and very dedicated to the game of golf.  She is a featured instructor/ host on the Golf Channel, Editor/PR Director for Golf for Enlightenment (Dr. Deepak Chopra), and a golf analyst for ESPN Radio and Sporting News radio.  Mickelson has been around golf her entire life – in fact, PGA Tour Professional and 2004, 2006, and 2010 Master’s champion Phil Mickelson and University of San Diego head golf coach Tim Mickelson are her brothers!

Lower Your Golf Scores with our Low-Priced DVDs!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Looking to improve your Golf game? check out this exceptional offer of Golf DVDs for only $19.99! You can’t miss this opportunity to take your game to new heights!

Golf Drills for Teaching Fundamentals -with Rick LaRose

Building a Competitive Golf Program – with Rick LaRose

Golf Drills to Correct Common Errors – with Jock Olsen & Rosemary Iverson

Competitive Drills and Games for Golf Practice – with Ted Gleason & Todd Selders

Golf Practice with a Purpose! – with Rick LaRose

15 Tactics and Techniques for Winning Golf – with Rick LaRose

How To Coach Golf – with Patrick Goss

A Golfer’s Workout – with Jamie Bermel & Jeff Reinardy

Your new and improved Golf game starts today!

20 Drills to Increase Speed, Agility and Quickness

By adam.warner - Last updated: Tuesday, November 2, 2010

20 Drills to Increase Speed, Agility and Quickness

Speed, agility and quickness are three necessary ingredients for success in any sport, but most particularly in the fast-paced game of lacrosse. Whether it’s a making an effective split dodge or coming away with possession at the face-off X, having superior speed, agility and quickness will ultimately play a huge role in determining your success on the field.

By following these drills designed by Alan Stein, professional strength coach and owner of Stronger Team Strength and Conditioning Services, athletes will be able to make major strides with their overall speed and agility development while maximizing their athletic potential. Athletes will see improvements with their communication skills, mental focus and hand-eye coordination as well. Plus, the drills use minimal equipment, so they can be done anywhere by anyone and on any kind of budget.

This week’s workout is a standard warm-up intended to raise the body’s core temperature and make the muscles more relaxed. The workout — which should last between 5-15 minutes — features movement preparation, where the goal is to get athletes to go through all of the fundamental athletic movements they will need on the field.

In these speed and agility drills, eight key movements and motions are used: Forward Sprints, Back Pedals (focus on leaning forward with your chest out over knees), Side Shuffles (do not cross feet while ankles, knees, hips and shoulders stay square), Side Runs (waist and above stays square, but ankles, knees and hips facing the side), Jumps (stay stationary and vertical and land easy), Pivots (one leg moves in quarter pivots in one direction while other leg remains flat on the floor), Twists (running in one direction but looking another way) and Athletic Stance (keeping a wide base and a low center of gravity).

The following is a standard warm-up session aimed at improving overall speed and agility. Drills should be conducted for about 45 feet (half of a basketball court) before repeating over.

Speed, Agility and Quickness Workout #1

Drill 1: 3 Steps Forward and 1 Step Backward on Left (Go right, left, right and then step back with the left foot)

Drill 2: 3 Steps Forward and 1 Step Backward on Right (Go left, right, left and back on the right foot)

Drill 3: 3 Steps Backward and 1 Step Forward on Left (Go right, left, right and then forward with the left foot)

Drill 4: 2 Steps Forward and 2 Side Shuffles (Jog two steps and then laterally shuffle two steps. Stay nice and low with your hips square)

Drill 5: 2 Steps Back Pedal and 2 Side Shuffles (Same as before, just with back pedals)

Drill 6: 2 Steps Forward and 2 Cariocas (Focus on quick hip turns with your feet)

Drill 7: 2 Steps Back Pedal and 2 Cariocas

Drill 8: 2 Side Shuffles and Reverse Pivot (After pivot, you will be facing the opposition direction)

Drill 9: 2 Side Shuffles and Front Pivot (Same as before, just with a front pivot instead of back)

Drill 10: High Knee and Butt Kick Combo (Give two high knee kicks followed by two butt kicks and repeat. Always be moving forward)

Drill 11: Cross-Country Skier (Switching places with your feet and always moving forward. Legs will stay fairly straight but not stick-straight. Feet are always flat on the floor)

Drill 12: Basic Forward Skip with Arm Swing (Repeat with a backward skip and arm swing)

Drill 13: Lateral Skip with Arm Swing (Always be facing forward)

Drill 14: Basic Skip with Lateral Hip Movement (Skip and then rotate your hip out on the second hop. Repeat with high knee Out to In. Just opposite direction with knee from before)

Drill 15: Frankenstein Skip (Leg is extended straight out as shoe meets fingertips)

Drill 16: Carioca with High Knee Punch

Drill 17: Carioca with Quick Feet (Fast touches with feet out front and behind; rapid fire)

Drill 18: Skip with Dead Leg Left (Right leg is just trailing behind. Repeat with opposite side)

Drill 19: Forward Jog with Lookbacks (Every couple of steps forward, rotate, look back and put out your outside hand)

Drill 20: 45 Degree Angle Cuts – (Zig Zags forward. Stay low. Repeat with backward cuts. Give two drop steps and then switch directions. Similar to a basketball defender)

This workout can be seen on the Championship Productions DVD “130 “Pro Power” Speed, Quickness and Reaction Drills.” To view additional warm-up drills and more speed, agility and reaction workouts, visit our Performance Training homepage.


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