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Drills to Create Competitive Field Hockey Practices!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Get more out of your field hockey practices with this insightful presentation from Montclair State University Head Coach, Beth Gottung. As the 2012 NCAA D-III National Runners-up, Gottung knows how to create an effective offense that made it difficult for their opponents to handle in 2012. The drills that are demonstrated in this video will without a doubt improve the ability of your team to perform better under pressure in game situations.

Competitive Practice Drills for Field Hockey

Competitive Practice Drills for Field Hockey• Keep the intensity level up during your practices and get your players to work hard under pressure

• Discover competitive drills that simulate-game like situations to prepare your team for game day

• Develop a high pressure defensive mindset using an “Up and Out” concept to move the ball outside the circle

• Learn drills to train your players to play a good possession game and to generate numbers up situations



2v1 Progressions: The Building Blocks of Team AttackDrills for Building a Shooting Zone StrategySmall Game Tactics and Competitive DrillsSkill Training and Shooting DrillsPractice Planning & Drills for Field Hockey



2 New Field Hockey DVDs on Team Attacking & Shooting Drills!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, August 2, 2013

Create a more potent offense with team attacking exercises and shooting drills from Boston College Head Coach, Ainslee Lamb. In the team building video, Coach Lamb presents practice drills covering the foundational skills needed to create and win 2v1 situations. As for the shooting drills presentation, Ainslee Lamb teaches you 11 drills that consider not only the shooter, but where ball is coming from. See all the details these two Field Hockey videos have to offer you and your team:

Drills for Building a Shooting Zone Strategy

Drills for Building a Shooting Zone Strategy

  • Train your players to effectively shoot the ball even when they are in a less than perfect position
  • Simulate game-like situations with a passer and shooter to develop shooting confidence
  • Every drill is presented on white board in very simple, easy to understand terms and then followed up with the on-field implementation



2v1 Progressions: The Building Blocks of Team Attack

2v1 Progressions: The Building Blocks of Team Attack

  • Teach your offense how to engage a defender and create an offensive advantage in “dangerous space” for your opponent
  • Learn the responsibilities of the ball carrier and the off-ball player and how to read the defender to win 2v1 opportunities
  • Ainslee Lamb has served as the head coach for the US National Team at the U17, U19 and U21 levels.


2 New Field Hockey DVDs featuring Duke Head Coach, Pam Bustin!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, July 11, 2013

Duke’s Pam Bustin presents the fundamental skills of field hockey and then challenges those skills in many different ways. Also these new Field Hockey DVDs show you a competitive small games practice that is effective in isolating specific skills for players to develop under game conditions. Through small games competition you will learn how to challenge your player’s fundamental skills.

Skill Training and Shooting Drills

Skill Training and Shooting Drills

  • Build your players’ basic skills by continuously challenging them with aggressive, game-speed exercises
  • Learn game-speed shooting drills that involve both offensive and defensive players
  • Develop individual recovery defense when the point of attack has changed



Small Game Tactics and Competitive Drills

Small Game Tactics and Competitive Drills

  • Develop field hockey skills using competitive small game drills
  • Refine core fundamentals such as passing accuracy, transition play, goalie/defender communication, offensive possession and strategy, and more
  • Features 2008 US Olympic Assistant Coach Pam Bustin




Make the Most of Your Field Hockey Practice with These DVDs!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nine-time Old Dominion Athletic Conference Coach of the Year, Enza Steele, and two-time state championship coach, Matt Soto, present a variety of skills and drills for field hockey players and coaches! These competitive activities and games will give you ideas on how to get your team in great game condition, as well as add some variety to your practices to make it more enjoyable for your players. See how these Field Hockey DVDs can help you and your team:

Practice Planning & Drills for Field Hockey

  • Plan and execute a more organized, efficient and engaging practice for your program
  • Improve your shooting skills and ball control
  • Discover how you can incorporate a fitness component into each area of your practice

Developing the High School Striker and Midfielder

  • Develop your midfielders on both the offensive and defensive ends of the field
  • Create scoring opportunities for your forwards by improving your elimination skills
  • Learn how to lure defenders and goalkeepers away to create space for teammates to receive a pass
  • Train your players to shoot from both sides to keep defenders guessing on which way they will go

Developing the High School Goalkeeper

  • Learn what it takes to be a great goal keeper and how to keep the ball out of your net!
  • Execute proper kicking technique for accuracy and direction when clearing the ball from the circle
  • Develop footwork and balance to shift with a changing angle of attack
  • Learn various saving techniques such as lunging, cross over kicks, diving and aerial shot saves



Develop a More Potent Offense in Your Lacrosse Team!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2005 USA Field Hockey’s National Coach of the Year Tracey Fuchs presents a training video on the foundational skills required to shoot on goal in a variety of situations, resulting in improved scoring ability. The goal scoring skills presented by Coach Fuchs are a must for any forward and attacking midfielder. Players of all levels can benefit from this video to learn the correct execution of the shots and improve their goal scoring skills.

Shooting Techniques and Tactical Skills

  • Improve shooting accuracy, get more shots on goal and score more goals
  • Discover goal-scoring shots your players can use in a variety of situations
  • Master the always hard-to-defend Reverse Shot and learn to use it to your advantage
  • Develop a “shovel shot” to counter aggressive goalies who lay out in front of attacking forwards



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