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Register for a Nike Basketball Clinic featuring Knight, Auriemma, Williams, Smart, and many more!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, September 11, 2013

See how you can sign up for the chance to see some of the best basketball coaches in the world. Some of the featured clinicians are: BOB KNIGHT, ROY WILLIAMS, SHAKA SMART, BOB HUGGINS, BILL CARTWRIGHT, & ALAN STEIN! Listen to the video by BballCoachThom about more detail on each of the 2013 Fall Nike Championship Basketball Clinics:

Click the image below to get started on registration:

 Nike Basketball Clinics

5 New Basketball Videos featuring Coale, Vanderveer, Reed, Signorelli, and Allende!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, September 9, 2013

Discover new basketball instruction with plenty of skills and drills to improve your team! You will gain knowledge from great coaches around the world that will offer you new ideas and concepts to help your players get better. Take a look at what content each of these five new Basketball videos will provide you. 

Purchase any of these 3 DVDs for a discounted price of only $99.99! Click here to start saving now!

Sherri Coale: My Favorite Practice Drills

Sherri Coale: My Favorite Practice Drills

  • Learn how to use passing drills to improve your team’s ball control and turnover ratio
  • Discover how to make your drills building blocks and game-like
  • Learn how to use shooting drills that reinforce the cuts and general motion that exist within your offense
  • Discover the value of emphasizing spacing in every drill and every situation 


Tara VanDerveer: 25 Perimeter and Post Skill Development Drills

Tara VanDerveer: 25 Perimeter and Post Skill Development Drills

  • Discover over 25 different drills that will improve your perimeter, post players, and team concepts
  • Learn drills that use different types of equipment to challenge your players
  • Learn to combine passing, shooting, dribbling, conditioning, and defense into your drills
  • Discover the keys to making your players better offensively 


Brett Reed: Effective Transition Game at Both Ends of the Court

Brett Reed: Effective Transition Game at Both Ends of the Court

  • Minimize your opponent’s ability to score easy baskets in transition
  • Discover clear, simple rules for transition defense scenarios with one, two and three players back
  • Train your players to handle numbers down situations on defense and improve their chances of getting the stop 



Marcelo Signorelli: International Style Man-to-Man Defense

Marcelo Signorelli: International Style Man-to-Man Defense

  • Learn how to guard the ball, how to defend backdoor cuts and how to deny the post from Uruguayan Coach of the Year, Marcelo Signorelli
  • Use 3-on-3 play to teach your players to stop a variety of offensive schemes
  • Learn the basic concepts of help defense emphasized in international play



Daniel Allende: Offense the Argentinian Way

Daniel Allende: Offense the Argentinian Way

  • Learn how to turn a less athletic team into a formidable force on the offensive end of the court
  • Discover how the Argentinian-style flex offense can enhance your teams decision making in late game or shot clock situations
  • Learn a simple fast break action that leads right into the flex offense and provides a great look at the basket early in the possession



Improve Your Shot with Time-Test Instruction & the iC3 Shot Trainer!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Learn techniques and progressions to develop your shot and become a serious scoring threat! You will pick up tips and see demonstrations from world class instructors such as Billy Donovan, Sherri Coale, Fran Fraschilla, Ganon Baker & many more. Build confidence in your shot today and score more points in your next game!

AAU Basketball Skills Series: Shooting Technique and Workout DrillsAAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Progressions for Building Your ShotAAU Coaching Boys Basketball Series: Shooting Mechanics and DrillsGanon Baker: 20 Shooting Drills for the Lost Art of the Jump Shot


Becoming a Champion Basketball Player: Jackie Stiles' 1,000 Shots Workout RoutineTeaching Kids to Shoot: A Guide for Parents and CoachesRick Barry's Fundamentals for Becoming a Great ShooterShooting

Basketball Shot Trainer

New Basketball Instruction featuring Andy Enfield & Tom Herrion!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, August 15, 2013

Former Gulf Coast University Head Coach Andy Enfield shares his secrets to the up-tempo style of basketball that enabled his team to become the first-ever 15-seed to reach the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA Tournament and earned his team the nickname “Dunk City” University. Also, learn one of the most effective ways to disrupt offenses from Marshall University Head Coach, Tom Herrion. The ability to switch your defensive look between man and zone pressure, while utilizing various ball screen coverages in the half-court, is essential to creating an uncomfortable feeling in your opponent.

See more on both these exceptional Basketball DVDs below:

Andy Enfield: Up-Tempo Transition Game

Andy Enfield: Up-Tempo Transition Game

  • Learn the up-tempo philosophy, drills and strategies that catapulted Andy Enfield’s Gulf Coast University team to the Sweet Sixteen in 2013
  • Learn breakdown drills for developing the skills needed to play up-tempo basketball
  • Discover how to attack the defense with various ball screen options and offensive sets to get good looks on the perimeter or inside



Tom Herrion: Stifling Your Opponent with Multiple Changing Defenses

Tom Herrion: Stifling Your Opponent with Multiple Changing Defenses

  • See how a multiple defensive system can disrupt your opponents’ ability to play the way they practice
  • Learn to recognize opportunities to change your defensive scheme to keep your opponent off balance
  • Discover how to teach, implement, and execute multiple defenses without confusing your players
  • Learn full-court man presses designed to limit the effectiveness of your opponent’s point guard, as well as two three-quarter court containment presses


If you buy these two videos above and add one more, you can get all three for only $99.99! Buy any 3 basketball DVDs for $99.99!



Sign up Today for the Nike Championship Basketball Clinics!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, August 9, 2013

Online Registration for the Nike Championship Basketball Clinics Now Available!

Some world class basketball coaches that you will have the chance to see at these clinics are: BOB KNIGHT, ROY WILLIAMS, SHAKA SMART, BOB HUGGINS, BILL CARTWRIGHT, GENO AURIEMMA, & ALAN STEIN!

Photo: Come learn from some of the world's best basketball coaches at the Nike Championship Basketball Clinics! Sign up is now available, don't miss the opportunity to get tips from the biggest and best names in basketball:



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