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4 New Basketball Videos to Help Your Youth Program!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, December 5, 2013

This winter help your youth basketball team get better with the Coaching Middle School Basketball: Systems 4-Pack. Below you can learn about each DVD, and if you purchase all four of these at once, you will save $20!

Coaching Middle School Basketball: The Box Offense

Coaching Middle School Basketball: The Box Offense

  • Discover an easy-to-run offense that creates scoring opportunities for every player on the court

  • Learn 10 set plays that will force opponents off balance

  • Learn breakdown drills that build up the offense by teaching cutting, screening, and how to read the defense



Coaching Middle School Basketball: The Wheel Offense

Coaching Middle School Basketball: The Wheel Offense

  • Learn an easy-to-teach offensive system that puts perimeter players in position to attack zone defenses

  • Discover the skills players need for running the Wheel Offense

  • Get breakdown drills for teaching the Wheel

  • Learn three quick-hitting scoring opportunities to counter a zone defense


Coaching Middle School Basketball: 3-2 Match-Up Zone

Coaching Middle School Basketball: 3-2 Match-Up Zone

  • Prevent dribble penetration with this match-up zone that covers all areas of the perimeter

  • Learn how to tweak the match-up zone in order to guard out-of-bounds-under plays

  • Learn five breakdown drills that will teach the various actions for specific positions in the zone

  • Discover how athletic basketball players can trap or bait an opponent into making bad passes that lead to easy baskets on the other end of the floor


Coaching Middle School Basketball: Baseline Out-of-Bounds Plays

Coaching Middle School Basketball: Baseline Out-of-Bounds Plays

  • Learn out-of-bounds sets that can be used against man or zone defense to create numerous scoring opportunities

  • Learn breakdown drills for rehearsing scoring options and practicing the shots these plays deliver

  • Discover easy-to-teach plays that will confuse opponents




4 New Basketball DVDs featuring Arizona Head Coach, Sean Miller!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, November 22, 2013

We just released 4 new Basketball videos featuring 2011 Pac-10 Coach of the Year, Sean Miller! Develop every player and position on your team with the phenomenal content provided in these presentations.

Guard Workout Wing Workout Post Workout
Learn high speed drills that condition players for up-tempo offense
Get six shooting drills that produce high reps and maximize time in the gym
Discover a ball handling workout that increases player IQ, confidence and vision
Learn six ways to recognize and counter your opponent’s ball screen defense
Develop your Wings into the most versatile players on your team
Attack the defender with several moves from a triple threat position
Set and use screens to free one’s self for a catch n shoot or catch n drive scoring opportunity
Learn ways to put your wings into natural offensive positions to score anywhere in the half court
Develop post players that can play in the low post, away from the basket, and in transition
Learn a shooting workout that makes your players feel comfortable around the basket
Get drills that teach your post players to cut and score in Man and Zone Situations
Teach players how to utilize the right move at the right time, with release options for re-post
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Purchase Sean Miller’s Skill Development School 3-Pack and SAVE $15!


Also new from Sean Miller:

Sean Miller's Father and Son Basketball Workout


  • Learn skill development drills that will help any youth player make the most of his or her talent
  • Build foundational skills for ball handling and the jump shot
  • Learn how to teach young players the basic principles of man-to-man defense and off-the-ball defense
  • Help your young player learn to score in a variety of ways from the perimeter and the post



Learn How to Implement & Beat a Zone Defense!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, November 7, 2013

With the new rule changes, you may be forced to play zone defense to keep out of foul trouble. On the flip side, you’ll need to learn how to beat the zone as well. And for these two topics, we have got you covered! Browse our large collection of zone offense and zone defense instruction from our best selling authors. 


ZONE OFFENSE                                ZONE DEFENSE

Best-Selling Zone Offense and Defense Instruction!

6 New Basketball Videos featuring Geno Auriemma & Bob Knight!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, November 1, 2013

Here is your chance to learn from two legendary coaches in men’s and women’s basketball! Bob Knight and Geno Auriemma provide athletes and coaches with tips on a variety of basketball topics. These videos will help you and your team become a better program during the season as well as increase your chances of post-season play!

The Essentials of Coaching BasketballDefensive Tactics & Techniques and Defending ScreensShooting Screening and Defensive Skills & DrillsZone Offense StrategiesAdvantage/Disadvantage Drills and Motion Offense Drills Skills

Building Creativity and Discipline into Your Motion Offense

Purchase the Geno Auriemma and Bob Knight: Learn from the Legends Series and SAVE $40!

Prepare for the Upcoming Season with our All Access Basketball Practice DVDs!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, October 25, 2013

Coach Tubby Smith provides an inside look at three days of intense workouts. From defensive principles to offensive entries to his annual coach’s clinic, you’ll see everything that contributes to his overall success.

All Access Basketball Practice with Tubby Smith

All Access Basketball Practice with Tubby Smith

  • Get a first-hand look at NCAA Champion and Naismith Coach of the Year Tubby Smith’s offensive and defensive philosophy
  • Get pick-and-roll entries that deliver back-door layups and open jumpers in the paint
  • Learn progressive defensive build-up drills; 1-on-1 turn, 2-on-2 side, 3-on-3 screen away, 4-on-4 shell, and 5-on-5 half court  



Purchase any 3 All Access Basketball Practice DVDs for only $99.99!
Enter promo code AA99BB at checkout!


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