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Coach Thom’s Top 10 Dribble Drive Motion Offense Videos of All Time

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This list has been compiled by Championship Productions Basketball Coaching Education Director, Thom McDonald!

1. Maximizing the Post in the Dribble Drive Offense | Greg Kampe

Thom Says: This video by Coach Kampe demonstrates that your team doesn’t always need four high-caliber perimeter players to operate the Dribble Drive Offense. Coach Kampe breaks down the process into steps so that you can implement this system at any level. While many times the Dribble Drive offense stresses the importance of the perimeter players while leaving out the post players, Coach Kampe will demonstrate how to create easy scoring opportunities for your post players using this system. Coach Kampe is one of the best teachers on this topic and this video makes learning and implementing this offense easy at all levels

2. Installing the Dribble Drive Motion Offense | Andrew Grantz

Thom Says: Coach Grantz and Coach Cunningham do a tremendous job in this video in detailing how to implement the Dribble Drive Motion Offense to your team quickly and effectively. They use build-up drills to show players how the offense is supposed to look and feel. The drills ran by Coach Cunningham and Coach Grantz simulate game actions and give your limited practice time the most value possible. This is a player-friendly offense that will keep your opponents on their heels.

3. 100 Drills and Sets for Implementing the Dribble Drive Offense | Vance Walberg

Thom Says: The grandfather of the Dribble Drive Offense, Vance Walberg, demonstrates over 100 team and individual drills needed to implement the Dribble Drive. Coach Walberg breaks it down position-by-position and details what each player on the court needs to do to run the system correctly. He then brings the entire team together to demonstrate the formations and action of the Dribble Drive Offense. This video pairs well with Coach Walberg’s “Mastering the Drive Drive Attack Offense” to add to your collection.

4. Developing the Dribble Drive Skill Set |  John Calipari

Thom Says: Coach Calipari learned from the creator of the Dribble Drive Offense, Vance Walberg, and has since become an expert in the offensive system. Coach Calipari brought the Dribble Drive Offense to the major college level when he implemented it during his time at the University of Memphis. In this video, Calipari teaches post players how to react to the defense to get open for scoring opportunities and how perimeter players can be the most effective in the movement of the ball. Coach Calipari has developed 22 skills needing to be mastered by all players on the court in order to run this style of offense. These skills are detailed, yet can be mastered by any player at any level.

5. Breakdown Drills for the Dribble Drive Motion Offense | John Calipari

Thom Says: Coach Calipari is known for bringing the Dribble Drive Offense into the major college game. With this set of competitive breakdown drills, Coach Calipari utilizes sprint drills, passing drills, and hard-line drives to the rim. These drills are meant to test the effort and focus of your players. Coach Calipari adds in unique factors such as peer pressure, time restraints, and other specific conditions to get players ready for anything they may encounter in game. These drills will have your team ready for any defense your opponent will play against you.

6. Mastering the Dribble Drive Attack Offense | Vance Walberg

Thom Says: Coach Walberg teaches you how to perfect this system of offense. This video will show you how to fine-tune your offense to become extremely difficult for your opponent to defend. Coach Walberg goes through his “Daily 45” series of drills that take one minute per drill and take up the first 45 minutes of practice. He then goes through his famous “Blood Drills” that focus on all the basics needed to be successful.

7. Advanced Dribble Drive Offense: Zone & Transition Game | Vance Walberg

Thom Says: Coach Walberg turns it up a notch with the video. If you want to add to the capability of the Dribble Drive Offense, this video is a must. Walberg starts out with some of the basics, but then will show you how to attack the defense and create opportunities in transition while still operating out of a Dribble Drive Offense. With six hours of video, Walberg covers everything you need to know about advancing your team’s Dribble Drive Offense to the next level.

8. The Encyclopedia of the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense | Fran Fraschilla

Thom Says: This video by former coach and current ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla will go over everything you could possibly want to know about this system of offense. Fraschilla will start out with the basics and how you can implement this offense with your team. He then will go over more advanced and related systems such as the Memphis Attack, International Dribble Penetration, Pick & Roll Attack, and Dribble Penetration versus a Zone Defense. Coach Fraschilla diagrams everything in detail on a whiteboard and covers everything from A-Z in this video.

9. Attacking the Rim with the Dribble Drive Motion Offense | Matt Bollant

Thom Says: Coach Bollant does an amazing job by showing you how to implement the Dribble Drive Offense step-by-step. Bollant covers all the basics and explains why he personally puts an emphasis on a high octane offense that attacks the basket. The video covers how to initiate the offense and shows you drills on how to finish plays as well. This is a good video for anyone trying to learn the finer details of the Dribble Drive and because of this, Coach Bollant makes this system of offense implementable at any level of play.

10. The Ball Screen Dribble Drive Offense | David Clarke

Thom Says: Coach Clarke shows you how to take your Dribble Drive Offense to the next level by adding in ball screens. This is a system that is easy to learn, yet very hard to defend and will create countless open scoring opportunities for all five players on the court. Clarke ensures that all of his players know the responsibility of each position on the floor. This allows for players to switch on the fly, adding a degree of difficulty to your opponent trying to stop you. Coach Clarke shows how to open up the middle of the floor by putting a post player on the perimeter and a guard inside. This video is a must if you want to take your team’s difficulty to defend up a notch.

Honorable Mention: Dribble-Drive Offense for High School Basketball | Jerry Petitgoue

Honorable Mention: Spread Dribble-Drive Motion Offense | Keno Davis

Honorable Mention: Dribble Drive Drills and Offensive Sets | Greg Kampe

If you want to see every video Championship Productions offers on the Dribble Drive Motion Offense, go here!

Coach Thom’s Top 10 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense Videos of All Time

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016

This list has been compiled by Championship Productions Basketball Coaching Education Director, Thom McDonald!

1. Perimeter Drills for the 4-Out 1-In Offense | Jamie Dixon

Coach Dixon demonstrates some great breakdown drills that you can utilize in your 4-Out 1-In motion offense. His techniques will help isolate and take advantage of other teams’ defensive weaknesses.

2. Building a 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense | Patrick Chambers

Coach Chambers provides you with all of his whole part teaching for implementing the 4-Out 1-In motion offense. He starts from point guard and perimeter drills to build the offense right in front of your eyes. This offense will put your players in a position where they’ll never stop moving, and will challenge the defense to stay in a stance to have any opportunity for weak-side help.

3. 4-Out 1-In Attack & React: Attacking Drills & Skills |  Andrew Grantz

Coach Grantz demonstrates all of the breakdown drills and skills that your team will need to master to run this offense successfully. You’re going to learn the five phases of implementation: breakdown drills, pass and cut, post entry, baseline drive, and backdoor. You will have a complete understanding of this offense after watching this video.

4. 4-Out 1-In Attack & React Motion Offense: Volume 2 |  Andrew Grantz

Great videos! Coach Grantz has utilized some of the unique characteristics of the 4-Out 1-In and the dribble drive. This offense will put your players in the best situation to be successful, and be a scoring threat. The rhythm and flow of the offense will definitely raise your shooting percentage.

5. The 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense | Mark Few

Coach Few demonstrates great spacing and keys to reading the defense. He also demonstrates six different sets that will allow you different looks for your players. He emphasizes a number of different screens that you can utilize to create scoring opportunities for your team. With these sets and plays, your players will have a greater opportunity for an open floor and the ability to gain space on the offensive end.

6. 4-Out 1-In Attack & React: Transition and Zone Offense | Andrew Grantz

This offense has been so successful for Coach Grantz that he shows you the transition offense to take advantage of your opponent. Maybe the most important part is that since this offense is so hard to stop, teams will play zone against you. Coach Grantz will then show you his zone offense so that your team will be ready for anything.

7. AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Full and Half Court Team Offense | Sherri Coale

This is one of the best videos for a beginning coach. Coach Coale demonstrates this offense with youth players and a college team. Her ability to break down an offense for the purpose of teaching is second to none. She also outlines and demonstrates the motion offense and how it will allow you to keep a post player near the basket. It will also incorporate spacing, cutting, and screening while spreading the floor to create dribble penetration as well as scoring opportunities.

8. Breakdown Drills for the 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense | Jay Wright

If you run the 4-Out 1-In, this is a video you need to get. This video will help you gain a better understanding of all the guard and forward drills and shooting drills that will help your players gain an understanding of their position on the floor, as well as the rest of their teammates. It will put them in a position to score! This video will help maximize your time in practice and on the court, as well as to execute the efficiency of a great offense such as the 4-Out 1-In

9. The Attacking 3-Out & 4-Out Motion Offense | John Giannini

This is unique video that will enable you to go back and forth between a 3-guard and a 4-guard set. This offense will definitely keep your opponent off-balance. Coach Giannini uses whiteboard to diagram everything out and also demonstrates everything on the court with the team. He offers set plays and double-low situations that you can use against any defense. He combines versions of the 4-Out 1-In and the Dribble-Drive offense to create scoring opportunities off the dribble and hitting the open man on the perimeter.

10. Spread Motion: 4-Out 1-In Offense | Jamie Dixon

This 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense is easy to install and hard to defend. The priorities of this offense are spacing, screening, driving opportunities, and post isolation. Coach Dixon demonstrates numerous cuts such as re-screening/fade, basket-cut, curl/screen, and back-cuts. All of these counters will put your team in position for easy scoring opportunities. Lastly, Coach Dixon covers numerous options off the post-feed.

Honorable Mention: The 4-Out 1-In Spots Offense | Pat Clatchey

Honorable Mention: The Encyclopedia of the 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense | Rick Majerus

Honorable Mention: Installing the 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense | Paul Hewitt

Honorable Mention: 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense | Michael Peck

Top Teams in the 2016 Women’s NCAA Tournament are Coached by Championship Productions Authors!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The NCAA D-I Women’s Basketball Tournament tips off March 18! We would like to point out that Championship Productions has worked with 11 head coaches in this year’s field!

Athletes, parents and coaches, you can learn from some of the best coaches in women’s college basketball. Check out the world class list of Championship Productions’ authors and what their teams accomplished this year, and click on the coaches’ names to see more information about their products.

#1 seed: Connecticut Huskies – Head Coach, Geno Auriemma – (32-0) American regular season champions, American Tournament champions.

#2 seed: Maryland Terrapins – Head Coach, Brenda Frese – (30-3) Big Ten regular season champions, Big Ten Tournament champions.

#3 seed: Louisville Cardinals – Head Coach, Jeff Walz – (25-7).

#4 seed: Texas A&M Aggies – Head Coach, Bob Starkey – (21-9).

#4 seed: Syracuse Orange – Head Coach, Quentin Hillsman – (25-7).

#4 seed: Stanford Cardinal – Head Coach, Tara VanDerveer – (24-7).

#6 seed: DePaul Blue Demons – Head Coach, Doug Bruno – (26-7) Big East regular season champions.

#6 seed: Oklahoma Sooners – Head Coach, Sherri Coale – (21-10).

#7 seed: Tennessee Lady Vols – Head Coach, Holly Warlick – (19-13).

#8 seed: Georgia Bulldogs – Head Coach, Andy Landers – (21-9).

#11 seed: Purdue Boilermakers – Head Coach, Sharon Versyp – (20-11).

Top Teams in the 2016 Men’s NCAA Tournament are Coached by Championship Productions Authors!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Monday, March 14, 2016

The NCAA D-I Men’s Basketball Tournament officially tips off this week. Championship Productions has had the privilege of working with 39 of the coaches in this year’s field!

You can gain knowledge and instruction from some of the best coaches in men’s college basketball. Below is a list of the tournament coaches we’ve worked with. Check out the world class list of Championship Productions’ authors and what their teams accomplished this year, then click on the coaches’ names to see more information about their products.


Kansas Jayhawks – Head Coach, Bill Self – (30-4) Big 12 regular season champions, Big 12 Tournament champions.

North Carolina Tar Heels – Head Coach, Roy Williams – (28-6) ACC regular season champions, ACC Tournament champions.

Oregon Ducks – Head Coach, Dana Altman – (28-6) Pac-12 regular season champions, Pac-12 Tournament champions.


Villanova Wildcats – Head Coach, Jay Wright – (29-5) Big East regular season champions.

Oklahoma Sooners – Head Coach, Lon Kruger – (25-7).

Xavier Musketeers – Head Coach, Chris Mack – (27-5).

Michigan State Spartans – Head Coach, Tom Izzo – (29-5) Big Ten Tournament champions.


Miami Hurricanes – Head Coach, Jim Larranaga – (25-7).

Texas A&M Aggies – Head Coach, Billy Kennedy – (26-8) SEC regular season co-champions.

West Virginia Mountaineers – Head Coach, Bob Huggins – (26-8).


Duke Blue Devils – Head Coach, Mike Krzyzewski – (23-10).

Kentucky Wildcats – Head Coach, John Calipari – (26-8) SEC regular season co-champions, SEC Tournament champions.

Iowa State Cyclones – Head Coach, Steve Prohm – (21-11).


Baylor Bears – Head Coach, Scott Drew – (22-11).

Indiana Hoosiers – Head Coach, Tom Crean – (25-7) Big Ten regular season champions.

Purdue Boilermakers – Head Coach, Matt Painter – (26-8).


Arizona Wildcats – Head Coach, Sean Miller – (25-8).

Texas Longhorns – Head Coach, Shaka Smart – (20-12).

Notre Dame Fighting Irish – Head Coach, Mike Brey – (21-11).


Iowa Hawkeyes – Head Coach, Fran McCaffery – (21-10).

Dayton Flyers – Head Coach, Archie Miller – (25-7) A-10 regular season co-champions.


Colorado Buffaloes – Head Coach, Tad Boyle – (22-11).

St. Joseph’s Hawks – Head Coach, Phil Martelli – (27-7) A-10 Tournament champions.

USC Trojans – Head Coach, Andy Enfield – (21-12).

Texas Tech Red Raiders – Head Coach, Tubby Smith – (19-12).


UConn Huskies – Head Coach, Kevin Ollie – (24-10) American Tournament champions.

Cincinnati Bearcats – Head Coach, Mick Cronin – (22-10).


Temple Owls – Head Coach, Fran Dunphy – (21-11) American regular season champions.

Pittsburgh Panthers – Head Coach, Jamie Dixon – (21-11).

Syracuse Orange – Head Coach, Jim Boeheim – (19-13).


Wichita State Shockers – Head Coach, Gregg Marshall – (24-8) Missouri Valley regular season champions.

Northern Iowa Panthers – Head Coach, Ben Jacobson – (22-12) Missouri Valley Tournament champions.

Tulsa Golden Hurricane – Head Coach, Frank Haith – (20-11).

Gonzaga Bulldogs – Head Coach, Mark Few – (26-7) West Coast regular season co-champions, West Coast Tournament champions.


Stony Brook Seawolves – Head Coach, Steve Pikiell – (26-6) American East regular season champions, American East Tournament champions.

Iona Gaels – Head Coach, Tim Cluess – (22-10) Metro Atlantic Athletic Tournament champions.


Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks – Head Coach, Brad Underwood – (27-5) Southland regular season champions, Southland Tournament champions.


Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders  – Head Coach, Kermit Davis – (24-9) Conference-USA Tournament champions.


Austin Peay Governors – Head Coach, Dave Loos – (18-17) Ohio Valley Tournament champions.

Coach Thom’s Top 10 Defensive Videos of All Time

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Top 10 Defensive Videos of All Time


The 2-3 Zone taught by Coach Boeheim is probably one of the most dominating defensive systems in college basketball history. In this day of basketball with all the pick & rolls and ball screening, the defense shown in this video would be a great way to not have to deal with any of those situations. A lot of opposing coaches will have a tough time identifying what kind of zone defense you’re in and what they should do to attack it. If you want to get something even more in-depth from Coach Boeheim, look at his All-Access video. It gives you every single breakdown drill that you’d ever want or need to use this defense.



This video has some of greatest drills for defense and rebounding ever made. If you want to change how your team mentally approaches defense and rebounding, this is the video to get. If you want your team to be mentally and physically tough, and to take away your opponent’s gameplan, you’ll love what Coach Izzo has to share. If you want to change your career as a coach and as a team, you need this video.



If you want your individual players and team better physically and mentally on defense, Coach K demonstrates all of the agility and conditioning drills their players utilize to be dominant both individually and as a team. The drills that Coach K demonstrates will instill the discipline and mental toughness to make that critical stop when you need it the most. Coach K focuses on keeping these drills competitive and enthusiastic, which in turn gets athletes to concentrate and build team camaraderie. This video will help you learn how to accentuate those difficult drills to simulate and rehearse what will happen on the defensive end of the court. All these drills can be used throughout the season to maintain proper defensive stance and intensity. This outstanding video is a must for any age and competitive level of play.



If you want to learn the Pack-Line defense from the inventor and godfather, this is a must. Coach Bennett has won at every stop that he has ever had. If you want to put your team in a position to win, this is definitely the system that is a great equalizer of talent. If you want to see what Coach Tony Bennett at Virginia is doing now, you may want to look at this video done by Matt Woodley, who was an assistant for Tony Bennett at Washington State.



If you want to learn the disruptive 2-2-1 defense, this video is a great addition to your basketball library. This isn’t just a containment press, this is an aggressive “get after you, try to turn the ball over, take away what the opponent wants to do” system. It’s also a great way to change the pace of the game in your favor. This system will get your team more possessions and put your opponent into a fatigue mode, pushing them to where they may have not been before.



If you want to put your opponents in a difficult situation mentally and physically, this is the defensive system you want to use. Your opponents will never know where you’re coming from and what defense you’re in. Disguising your defense and varying your approach and strategy is what makes this defensive set up unique. Three additional videos that would be great to compliment this video are:
1. The Havoc Strength and Conditioning Program by Daniel Roose, who accompanied Coach Smart’s move to Texas.
2. “All-Access Basketball Practice with Shaka Smart.” You’ll get to see everything Coach Smart does offensively and defensively.
3. “Shaka Smart’s 2013 Basketball Coaches Clinic.” Want to attend a coaches clinic with Coach Smart? This is an opportunity to see everything they do in a clinic setting.



The Match-Up Press. If you want to confuse your opponent, never let them feel comfortable, and put them in a position they’ve never been before mentally and physically, this video would be a fantastic for you. You will see Coach Donovan’s enthusiasm along with the way he communicates with his players and how he gets them to play at their peak defensive efficiency. This is a great way to change the pace of the game. You can run it sporadically if you’d like, or after every made basket.



If you want to learn the defensive system that dominated college basketball and led to the last perfect season, this is it. This video will also show you how and when to switch on defense and how to take away the “knowns” from your opponents. This style of defense is easy to put in and hard to score against. It is all about playing hard, smart, and disciplined. This video will also help your team become closer and learn how to communicate in transition to be the best defensive team they can be. It also has a bonus feature of 88 minutes from Coach Knight’s Indiana days on the court with his players.



If you want to learn the revolutionary 1-3-1 zone defense that is utilized by John Beilein at Michigan, this video pulls back the curtain and shows you how to run it. The 1-3-1 will help restict your opponent from passing and force the offense to put the ball on the floor. It will create confusion and anxiety in your opponent and will definitely change the tempo of the game and cause turnovers for your team to capitalize on the offensive end. The 1-3-1 zone defense is a great base defense or can be implemented to change the momentum of the game.



This defensive video is probably the most aggressive 2-2-1 video you can find. Coach Walberg will demonstrate for you every facet of the 2-2-1: breakdown drills, counters, reads, variations, and different pick-up points on the press. Coach Walberg is one of the most thorough educators in the game of basketball. This is one of the most unique defensive systems that you could utilize for your team in basketball today. If you want to put your team into a position to win, this would be a great purchase.


Honorable Mention


This 3-2 match-up zone can confuse the best of coaches. It’s unique in where you put your players, positioning, slides, the points of emphasis, and the point of control for your players. Coach Davis also talks about rebounding responsibility in the zone. Your opponent playing against this defense will find it hard to execute their offense and will become frustrated, causing them to take the first opportunity to get a shot off that they can. You will definitely be able to contest the 3-point line and keep the ball off the baseline for any overload opportunities for your opponent. If you would like something else dealing with the 3-2 Match-Up Zone, the video that Keno Davis did while he was at Drake, The 3-2 Extended Match-Up Zone, would be a great supplement for this topic.



These eight defensive drills have been the building blocks to an 88% winning percentage, 940+ wins, 27 straight NCAA appearances, and 10 National Championships. These eight drills will help create an atmosphere of dominance and a swarming half-court defense. Coach Auriemma demonstrates these drills in a competitive and fundamental environment. He stresses the importance of close-outs, block outs, ball pressure, and utilizes various 4-on-4, 6-on-4, and 8-on-5 shell drills. You will also gain the understanding of some of their full and half-court defensive principles.  If you want to build your program on a sound, dominant defensive system, this is the video for you. This would be a great video for a coach of any gender or level of play.



This is the first video I ever purchased as a basketball coach. It changed my career. It demonstrated to me exactly how you would want your team to play mentally, physically, and intellectually. This video was revolutionary in its time. Coach Bennett diagrams everything out that you would need. Game analysis, on-court drills and clear explanations of expectations and positioning. Few coaches have been able to get their teams to play the kind of defense that the Bennett family has been able to orchestrate. Coach Bennett’s teams have confused, fatigued, and dominated his opponents everywhere he has been. This video is a must for your basketball library.



Coach Larranaga has been a master of confusing and dominating his opponents on the defensive end. This video will help you disrupt your opponent in all facets of their offensive gameplan. Your opponents will not be able to run their offense, execute their plays, or feel comfortable at all on the offensive end. Coach Larranaga demonstrates how all of his drills are part of his defensive system. This 3-2 zone is a combination of two that he calls the camouflage that forces offenses to react to the defense. Once the offense becomes comfortable or identifies what defense you’re in, Coach Larranaga will then switch it up to confuse the offense again. Coach Larranaga demonstrates the drills that you will need to master to play this system along with how to convert from a full-court setting to a half-court defense. Each pass, trap, and deflection along with the responsibilities of the players is thoroughly demonstrated analyzed in this video.


Be sure to follow Coach Thom McDonald on Twitter: @BballCoachThom



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