Basketball Coach Newsletter Issue #94

Two Ball Handling Drills to Improve Speed, Agility, and Concentration!

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Central California’s Top Basketball Trainer, Myron Epps,┬ástarts with instructing athletes through two ball, ball handling drills. These drills focus on speed, agility, and concentration.

High Lows/ Popcorns

Athlete Movements:

Beginning on the baseline area designated by cones, at the whistle each player dribbles two balls low at a time down the court toward the opposite baseline. When the coach blows the whistle again, each player dribbles both balls higher while still walking slowly toward the opposite baseline. This drill continues until each player reaches the starting point. Once the players reach the starting point again, then they again do “High Lows” while alternating their dribble in a left, right fashion or “Popcorns.”

Drill Essentials:

Each player must make sure that when his/her dribble is low that the ball does not bounce too far above the knees and when it is dribbled high the ball does not bounce too high above the hips. Also, to be fundamentally sound, each player must keep their head up and their eyes looking down court.

This video came from the Championship Productions’ video “Aztec Basketball Academy Elite Training – Workout 1.” See how you can learn more Basketball Ball Handling Drills.

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