Utilize “Ground Ball Limbo” to Improve Your Scooping!

Former Robert Morris Head Coach, Kenneth (Bear) Davis, shares the Ground Ball Limbo drill that forces players to get low when scooping through ground balls.  Davis uses the catch phrase “two butts down” to emphasize getting their butt and the butt of their stick low to the ground in order to scoop the ground ball.

Ground Ball Limbo

The coach in the drill will place a ball near his feet and hold his stick out. The first player in line has to run and scoop the ground ball while getting lower than the coaches stick, which is intended to ensure that the player gets low to the ground to get the ball.

This simple drill is done with a line of players starting 10 yards away from the coach who has a pile of balls. You could have another coach 10 -15 yards further down field for the players to pass to after picking up the ground ball or you could have a goal for the players to shoot into. As the player runs and scoops the ball, Coach Davis instructs the players to “kiss their stick’, which means to bring the head of their stick up to their face. This is to minimize the opportunity of an opposing player to check them and create a turnover.

This excerpt was taken from Championship Productions’ lacrosse video, Go-To Practice Drills for Youth Lacrosse.  To view more instructional lacrosse videos, click here!

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