Basketball Coach Newsletter Issue #93

Learn How to Defend Screens & Prevent Easy Scoring Opportunities

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With nearly 300-career victories in 15 seasons, Nick Cammarano, has really improved his team’s defense.  In this video Coach Cammarano shares his Defending Screens Drill that will help your team’s communication, matching up, and swift movement.

Defending Screens Drill


Player Movements:

After a detailed dry-erase board explanation of the concept, Coach Cammarano sets up his players on the court in the following manner on defense: the 1 at the wing, the 2 at the top of the key or perimeter, and the 3 at the opposite wing.

The drill begins with the ball at the top of the perimeter, passes to the offensive player on the right wing while the player who passed the ball comes with the ball to screen or block out the defending player on the ball side wing. When that happens the number 2 man comes over to the ball side wing to replace the player being screened, which in this case is the ball side 3 on the wing. In this drill, if the offensive player mirroring the 1 tries to set a screen on the 2 at the top of the perimeter, the 1 then helps out at the top of the perimeter replacing the 2.


This video came from Nick Cammarano‘s basketball video, Coaching Middle School Basketball: 3-2 Match-Up Zone.  If you’re looking for additional defensive basketball videos, click here.


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