Basketball Coach Newsletter Issue #89

Learn How to Handle Pressure in the Fast Break!

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Frank Allocco was the 2014 McDonald’s All-American Game West Squad Head Coach, and he will show you how to get your players to make the most of your fast breaks. For the offensive aspect of the fast break, your players will learn to drive to the basket quickly and work together to score more points. 

Fastbreak with Trailer

Drill Setup: This drill involves 4 players, 2 on 2, and starts at halfcourt. One offensive player starts with the ball and their teammate is in the opposite corner close to the baseline. There is a defender on the ball and another defender starting in a trail position.

Athlete Movement: The drill starts with the ball handler driving against the defender with the trailer sprinting to protect the hoop. The other offensive player’s job is to find an open area by the basket for a layup.

Teaching Point: 

  • The offensive player with the ball must attack quickly to the basket.

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