Use Hand Control and the Hip Heist to Get More Escapes!

In the first sequence from the feet, former 4x All-American at Iowa State University, Eric Akin demonstrates how he teaches young wrestlers to attack one hand.  In the second sequence presented here, Coach Akin and his athletes focus on the cut-through or unravelling of the yo-yo skill.

Hand Control & Hip Heist

With the partner’s hands locked, the athlete digs his thumbs into the partner’s top hand, “like a can opener”. Next, it is essential that the athlete drop his level/bend his knees and get his weight down as he walks his hips away from the opponent. As he lowers his weight and gets the hips away, he rolls the top hand, keeps ahold of it with one hand and puts it in his “back pocket.” Finally, the athlete turns in a manner that gets him free of the arm around his waist by, “unravelling the yo-yo.”

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