Make the Most of Your Practice Time with This Group Drill!

Rob Fulford has been the coach for one of the top high school basketball programs in the U.S. over the past couple of years. Here you will see a drill called “Group Pick & Roll Shooting”, where Coach Fulford puts his team through a side pick and roll breakdown drill. Huntington Prep uses a good amount of side ball screens in both transition and half court offense. The beauty of this drill is that it gets all three players involved.

Group Pick & Roll Shooting

Drill Setup: You only need two baskets for this drill.

Athlete Movements: The drill starts as the post player sets a side ball screen for the guard around the free throw line extended. The ball handler uses the ball screen and drives middle. The post player then rolls to the basket. A perimeter player in the corner replaces in the area where the ball screen was set. The main point of emphasis for this drill is that the three players involved need to read the defense and see if there is going to be help defense on the post player rolling to the rim. If there is no help, the player rolling to the rim gets the ball for a strong finish. If there is help on the roller, the replacement player should get a three-point shot on the wing. At the end of the drill, each player gets a touch and a shot.

Teaching Points:

  • Read the defense
  • All three players need to think score
  • You’re maximizing your gym time because everyone gets a chance to shoot the ball in this 3-ball drill

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