Create Space and Find More Scoring Options on Offense!

Iowa State Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Fred Hoiberg, has implemented an offensive system with his Cyclones that can light up a scoreboard with numerous scoring options every time down the floor. Follow along as Coach Hoiberg shows his flex set out of a 4-out 1-in traditional secondary look. This play creates space and opens up several scoring options.

Flex Set

Athlete Movements: The point guard will hit the trailer and the 2 guard will run a hard flex cut off of a hard screen by the inside post player. The point guard will then down screen for the post player who will look for a shot from the trailer if the ball had not been passed inside to the 2. If 5 does not have a shot off the down screen, he swings the ball to the point guard, and then follows his pass into an immediate ball screen.

Teaching Point:

  • Maintain proper spacing in order to create multiple scoring options

Gain additional insight from this Championship Productions’ DVDFred Hoiberg: Transition Basketball with Six Secondary Break Sets.” See how you can learn more on the Secondary Break.

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