Build Your Dribble Attack Offense with this Breakdown!

Andrew Grantz, Indiana University Southeast Assistant Coach, provides you with a look at the first phase of building your dribble attack offense. This offensive breakdown involves the guard driving hard to the paint while the post player cuts to the opposite block for a lob and finish. Running this properly will create space for the post player to finish.

Breakdown Drills – Phase 1

Athlete Movements: The guard starts at the lane line extended, and the post player is on the ball side block. The guard then drives to the rim and the post player moves to the opposite block. Finally, the guard passes to the post player for a finish at the rim.

Teaching Points:

  • Guards need to drive hard to the paint in a straight line
  • Post player does a “c-cut” to the opposite block on the guard’s dribble penetration
  • Guard should throw a lob pass to the opposite corner of the backboard, and the post player should catch the ball high and finish high
  • Be sure to teach the post player to seal the weak side defender and create space to finish

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